“Qi Wei” This is the airport show, a long trench coat with shorts, 168 wearing a supermodel aura

If you want to dress dashing and personal, the trench coat is naturally the first choice, which young lady does not like the atmospheric and neat trench coat? Especially light mature women, always love to use it to create a certain aura for themselves. When she was at the airport, Qi Wei chose to use a long trench coat to wear shorts inside, so that the outer length and the inner short wearing method is not only very layered, allowing her to show off a pair of beautiful legs, but also able to create a personality side for the whole person, which is simply amazing. “Qi Wei” This is the airport show, a long trench coat with shorts, 168 wearing a supermodel aura!

Choosing a trench coat is a trick, young ladies can get it!

First, pay attention to the fit.

Choosing the right fit can often bring you a more outstanding dressing effect, tall little sisters can choose a long fit, small little sisters can consider choosing a short fit. The long design can effectively lengthen our body shape and highlight the height advantage, while the short fit can make you look clean and neat, especially small and cute.

Second, color matching.

The right color is naturally also quite important, after all, color can determine the first impression of others. It is recommended that you can choose a khaki trench coat like Qi Wei to wear, khaki is the least error-prone color, not only does not pick the skin color, but also allows us to show a very low-key and gentle side, will not give people too strong feeling. If you choose black, it will look too dull, and if you choose white, it will look too dignified, and it is not very suitable for daily life.

A slightly loose-fit trench coat can create a dashing atmosphere for young ladies, and inside we can choose a more colorful underwear. For example, a red T-shirt is a good choice, and it also has a gold monogram pattern, so it can create a more personal side, full of trend, color sense is also very good, and does not make people feel too light.

A pair of shorts on the lower body to wear, instantly let your long legs be displayed, no wonder Qi Wei only has a figure of one six or eight can also wear a supermodel aura. The shorts are designed to highlight your fair legs and make them appear long and straight.

Trench coats are very popular with young ladies in autumn and winter, and can create a handsome and generous feeling for young ladies.

How to wear casual style?

If you want to wear a casual and casual feeling, you need to choose a looser trench coat to match, after all, too tight will limit your movement, and the requirements for our body will also increase. The loose-fit trench coat can give us a chic feeling, and when the breeze blows, the hem of the trench coat moves with the wind, which is quite smart and interesting.

The first choice for elegant women.

The more temperamental little sister will choose a trench coat with a more elegant feeling to match in daily life, such as a trench coat with a fur collar. Autumn and winter can bring us a very warm effect, and can make our neck look particularly slender. Or you can choose a long white trench coat like Yao Chen to match, with a slightly padded shoulder design, so it can highlight the neck line and create a smoother shoulder and neck curve.

Pair with a super imposing trench coat.

Different young ladies will have different ideas about dressing and matching. Some young ladies prefer to show their domineering side, at this time leather trench coat has become a good choice, high-grade leather fabric with a good sense of luster, and the texture will be relatively hard, so wear on the body texture, can create a more powerful aura for you, very suitable for workplace sisters Oh.

Because each person’s personality is different, the style is different, so the choice of collocation is also different, do not blindly follow the trend, you can choose according to your own body characteristics and preferences, so that you can find the most suitable outfit. Follow me and let’s get more and more fashionable together!

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