45-year-old Liu Mintao is really confident, knitted coat with thick scarf boldly worn, not bloated but also high-class

After the autumn and winter festivals, girls have added a lot of distress in terms of dressing, but it is precisely after entering the autumn and winter seasons that they can reflect where a person’s dressing skills are.

Nowadays, people seem to prefer simple styles, and the simpler they are in dressing, the more advanced they are. In autumn and winter, most people use the simplest color matching to match the high-grade texture, and pursue a simple and fashionable feeling!

In autumn and winter, the most popular is the most basic color such as black and white or earth tone, and once it is successfully matched in terms of dressing, it is full of high-end style. Liu Mintao is not only good at acting, but her private clothes are also exemplary.

Liu Mintao modeling analysis

The knitted coat worn by Liu Mintao is not pure black, but a color between black and gray. The advantage of this color is that it does not have the dullness of pure black, and it is very high-class.

Paired with a light-colored straight-leg pants, oatmeal is one of the more popular colors in recent years, and the color blends with black and gray to find a balance. The material of the pants is relatively strong, simple and fashionable, with a pair of simple black sneakers, more casual style, interpreting the simple and high-end beauty.

In the color matching is very accurate, because the most basic colors are used, the bag is also white with the same color as the pants, with black patterns on it. The matching scarf and black and gray knitted jacket form a layered color layer, keeping warm and simple and high-class.

How to wear a knitted jacket with a simple and high-end sense of fashion?

1. Simple basic color system

If you want to match a simple high-end texture, the first thing is to pay attention to the low-key color in the color, and choose the simplest basic color system, which is the key issue to create a simple basic high-end shape.

Many people choose bright colors as a match for their coat because of the sense of vitality. However, if you want to create a high-end texture, it is not suitable compared with autumn and winter, and it is also different from the style itself.

If you want to create a simple look, you should use low saturation in autumn and winter. The most common basic color systems, such as black and white and earth tones, are attractive, and the colors are very advanced.

The colors of several simple clothes on Liu Mintao’s body are remarkable. The black and gray coat and oatmeal-colored pants, the bag on the back and the scarf worn are all basic colors. The colors blend with each other, match each other, low-key, clean and high-class, creating a texture that cannot be compared with other colors.

2. The design does not need to be too complicated, just a belt

Thicker knitted coats are relatively bloated, and bloat is something that must be accepted in winter, and this bloat can only be minimized within the visual range.

The essence of simple and advanced dressing is that the items worn do not have to have too many fashion elements, and when choosing items, it is not necessary to integrate every fashion element into it, so that various items collide together and are particularly complicated. The design is simple and attractive, and it is especially suitable for mature women’s daily private wear.

The essence of the black-gray coat worn by Liu Mintao is that there is a belt, which reduces the feeling of bloat and shapes a good body proportion, improving personal taste. Her dress appears more frequently, and there is more than one way to match it. Each combination is relatively simple in color, color matching and design style, which is the essence of simple and advanced.

Knitted coat matching demonstration

1. Another combination of black and gray coats

It was mentioned before that Liu Mintao’s knitted coat has a relatively high appearance rate, because the warmth effect is better, and it is also the most basic style. Without the excessive accumulation of many fashion elements, it highlights a texture that is in line with her own temperament. This time, the outfit is slightly different, but it can be seen from the color matching that the simplest basic color is still used, and the jeans are all chosen.

In order to avoid too harmonious overall tone, a colorful scarf was chosen, but the texture was the same as the knitted jacket.

2. Camel knitted coat

He Sui wears more pajama style, which is also the simplest basic model, using a belt to directly shape a good figure, relatively thin style, showing her slender and tall figure. The color scheme is relatively simple, the white undershirt and the camel knitted coat complement each other, and a belt shows the proportions of the body more perfectly.

Knitted coats are especially popular in autumn and winter, and from thin to thick styles that can be styled differently, creating a minimalist style is easy, so don’t miss it out on your favorite sisters!

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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45-year-old Liu Mintao is really confident, knitted coat with thick scarf boldly worn, not bloated but also high-class