Martin boots out of favor? 7 pairs of sneakers that cannot be missed this winter, comfortable and versatile to show off long legs

Surfing saw that some netizens saw it

“The Beginning”

The same shoes of Lizhao Jinmai:

If you don’t understand, ask, please ask if you get Li Shiqing the same style

Enter the loop

Is it?

Now the delivery time of this pair of the same sneakers has been scheduled for two months later, I don’t understand,

Aren’t there comfortable, good-looking and versatile sneakers?

? Today Benmi will come to plant a good wave of grass for you!

Huili’s little white shoes are too classic, and this pair of grass for everyone today is

Toshiko of the same type

On the basis of the classic beige color scheme, there are also some small designs, the whole is

Very funky

That vintage feel.


Ben Mi felt worthy

Red laces

It’s better than white laces, and I guess my feet are actually five or six times better than the official website picture.

Another pair

Off-white and sea salt blue

The color scheme is super tidy! And it’s also relatively more versatile.


The most catchy thing about this pair of shoes is

Translucent sole

designed up. On one side is the Wishing you prosperity, on the other is a super cute lucky puppy pattern, the meaning is

Step by step

This design, this meaning, is definitely to receive red envelopes for the New Year and play mahjong for the New Year

A must-have

, Are you sure you don’t want to come with a pair?

17 letter ZRYC2XStwRs Ha

As the originator of “wild consumption”, how can sneaker recommendations be less

Hongxing Erke

? Tianwu should be recognized among all the shoes of Hongxing Erke

The highest appearance

of one too!

It is necessary to boast about its midfield

Bulletproof technology

The feeling of the foot is light and soft, extremely comfortable. This kind of technology is put by Hongxing Erke in a pair of long

Early two hundreds

‘s shoes, really doing charity, right?

Whether it is daily wear or running sports wear, it is completely OK. But the upper is

Leather + breathable mesh

Yes, it is not very suitable for the northern winter, and it may be somewhat frozen.

@六一不是猫 & peaches

In addition to the most popular white dew gray, the black and white Oreo color scheme is also simple and atmospheric, especially for men and women

Similar but not identical

, perfect for couples shoes!

However, the disadvantage of the Tianwu series is

The popularity is too high

, the female code is often out of stock, you can squat on various platforms, there will be irregular replenishment!

Li Ning’s design in recent years is getting better and better, and every release is a stunning appearance, innovative enough, not earthy, and really affordable

“The Light of the National Tide”

The brand of the title.


Only pro

It can be said that it is one of the most brilliant shoe models designed by Li Ning in the past two years. The color scheme is also constantly emerging: white red, turquoise green, microcrystalline gray… There is also the recent New Year’s fortune and long-term green.

But Benmi is still a favorite

Pure white raw rubber bottom

This pair is fancy at first glance! The white leather texture is online, and the raw rubber bottom is fresh and vintage.

@Honey–Water Old Man

But I don’t just look good, it’s also called by many people

Board shoes with the most comfortable foot feeling


The signature thickened double-layer tongue combined with the unique “small pillow” design at the heel makes it feel so comfortable to wrap around the foot

Who wears who knows

, how do you see that they are not all more fragrant than dunk?

Bread shoes

In fact, it is a basketball shoe series of Fila, and as the name suggests, the shoe shape is really like bread, round and super cute

(but not bulky at all)

The advantage of this shoe type is that it will put your legs

Very finely lined

, even small thick legs can be easily handled.


Not only does it look like bread, but it feels soft and elastic like bread.

Extremely comfortable

。 And

Enough to keep warm

, especially suitable for winter wear.

You can always trust Skechers’ daddy shoes! The mecha shoe series has come out to the third generation, really

It’s getting better and better


The ancestral foot feels good

Everyone should know how many sisters have been pinched by the legendary stepping feeling



Although it is a functional wind design, there is no need to worry about the style will be limited, as long as the color matching is milky, we are

Cool girl or sweet girl

@uuuuu & do not eat grapes

Many sororities will mind that the thick-soled daddy shoes will be a little bulky and show the big feet, but these shoes are relatively easy on the feet

Much more showy

Moreover, the cutout thick bottom design can help you

Elongate the leg line

, quietly increasing the height of 4 or 5cm is not a problem, small sisters do not hesitate, rush is right!


At a time when other brands are engaged in various co-branding, New Balance has always focused on its own old-school ones

Vintage style

However, fashion is a reincarnation, and NB has become fiercely popular with the revival of retro style. It is from European and American to Korean stars and Instagram bloggers

A pair of human feet


The 5740 reinterprets the NB classic shoe model 574, which is definitely the hottest NB in 2021, and the most obvious feature of this shoe should be that the side is enlarged

N-word LOGO

Among them, the left and right feet of the Yuanzu gray model are made of different materials and are asymmetrical

Mandarin duck design

, How many differences can you find out in the test?

Clean, gentle and gentle

Light milk tea color

and eye-catching

Yellow version

The appearance is also very high, and it is not as sought-after as Yuanzu gray, and the price on the market will be more friendly.

The shoes with the highest private clothing appearance rate of domestic celebrities in 2021 are the shoes


It’s up!

Can be followed at the same time

Wang Jiaer, Yi Yangqianxi, Gong Jun, Wang Junkai, etc

Can’t you take advantage of the opportunity for your husband to wear the same style?

There is only one shoe type, but it wins

Enough color matching

, you can choose according to your usual dressing style:

Benmi also saw a lot of ingenious sisters in Xiaomou’s book to buy them back


, while decompressing, you can also get a pair of shoes that will definitely not collide with people, which is too cool.

Well, that’s all for today, comfortable and versatile sneakers are YYDS!

Do you usually like to wear sneakers?

What’s your favorite pair of sneakers you’d most like to buy?