The fake two knitwear with the collar, they look good on the bottom, and they can also slim the body to look good

A small shirt was newly discovered, called a fake two knitwear, which looks good in single wear, and can also slim the body to appear in good shape, worn by forty or fifty-year-old women, beautiful and age-reduced. Elegant and beautiful, three-dimensional and stylish, but containing the femininity and strength of women, low-key posture, elegant temperament and full of femininity when worn.

This knitwear is paneled with a fake shirt collar and has a layered two-piece set that not only looks delicate and attractive, but also sets off the spirit. The front and rear panels have a hollow texture, simple and smooth lines, and the effect of faintly revealing the skin is more personal, highlighting the sense of fashionable design.

Fake two design knitwear, wear an elegant little woman style, the workmanship pursues refinement, modifies the face shape, and also covers the fleshy part of the body, the density is tight and very delicate and soft.

Elegant and elegant, it effortlessly shows off your neck, and adheres to the minimalist rejection to reveal the flattering neck line while making the neck appear slender. The fashion reveals the coziness, the modern reveals the cute tone, the fake two knits with the collar, highlighting the slender neck, the color matching of the whole dress is particularly good-looking.

The delicate wool knit has a soft and warm wearing feeling, and the natural and comfortable fit has a simple and elegant upper body. The delicate silk paneled neckline brings rich layers while adding a touch of hazy beauty, and the combination of silk’s unique luster and wool gives knitwear an extraordinary taste.

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