I heard that collecting these four hats can be fashionable throughout autumn and winter?

Are there so many days a week that you don’t want to wash your hair one two, three, four, five or six days! Think about what saved our oil heads? The credit for the hat is definitely indispensable.

Learning to wear a hat can not only cover the oil head, easily show the small face, but also become a highlight in the whole look, covering up your inertia while improving fashion. The matching skills of hats come and find out~


Versatile movement

The caps should be a must-have item for everyone, after all, it is so good, but milk and salt, no matter what style can be easily controlled.

This street-like but not lacking in sweetness has always been a favorite of many celebrities, and it is frequently captured in street photography.

It is this versatile nature that also allows it to be combined with a wide variety of clothes to suit all seasons.

Summer with an oversized short sleeve is the hottest girl in the whole street, all black’s outfit, please directly type the word “cool” on the public screen!

You can also choose a colorful cap, which increases the color saturation of the whole look.

Add layers of color and use color contrast to make a colorful caps the finishing touch in your look!

Choosing a color match on the costume and matching the caps of the same color to make the colors echo each other is also a careful machine for matching.

Spring and autumn with sweatshirts will feel the lazy atmosphere, looking casual and comfortable.

With a suit, please remember: blazer, baseball cap ➕, sneakers This formula, because this match in early fall, you can never go wrong, ➕ how to wear how beautiful.

The light-colored cream is high-quality and textured.

The dark color adds a touch of calm and handsomeness.

After learning to match, it is also important to choose the right baseball cap. A longer and wider brim will cover the face and visually make the face smaller.

Choose a fuller hat type. No matter from which angle you look at it, it is the top of the skull that is high and not flat, which makes the facial contours smoother!

There is also a little tip for wearing a cap, to get!

Tie a small pony tail with half a tuft of hair on the top of your head, and put on a cap, and you can easily harvest the high skull top!

Fisherman’s hat

Leisure, laziness

The fisherman’s hat can be said to be an all-round piece that combines shade and style.

The essence of the fisherman’s hat is Japanese casual style, so it is not suitable to match more fancy clothing, simple solid color T-shirts or well-cut shirts can produce a more perfect integration with the fisherman hat.

Jimei who don’t know which fisherman hat to start with, let’s take a look at Ouyang Nana’s daily wear, a basic black fisherman hat, an All Black outfit, giving people a casual and comfortable feeling.

You can also choose a plaid style fisherman’s hat to add a retro feel~

Who said that only sweetness can hold the macaron color system, and the hot girls can also have ~ The fresh color system is too healing!

If you go on vacation by the sea, how can you not have a straw fisherman’s hat!

A high-value hat can not only protect against the sun, but also show a small face and a concave shape is also 100 points.

The fisherman’s hat made of pleated cotton and linen with the design of the ribbon, paired with a floral dress, the sweet temperament has risen a few levels, which is the tone of summer~

The cowboy fisherman hat is also very Fancy, simple and casual, and with a little sassy, it instantly poked me ~

Teddy fur was arguably the biggest dark horse last winter, from sweaters to shoes to teddy fleece fisherman hats, warm and cute, winter hats add a bright touch to dull clothing.

When wearing a fisherman’s hat, the brim is lowered to cover the protruding cheekbones and sunken temples. This kind of wearing directly blocks half of the face, and it will not be found without makeup, which is simply a lazy artifact!


French elegance

The beret is one of the representative pieces of French style, synonymous with elegance and casualness, and contains a sense of history and vintage.

The beret has always been loved by female stars, and the cold-faced beauty week also chose it in the event look. The seemingly casual wearing method makes the overall temperament UP UP!

Zhao Lusi is also a loyal fan of berets, with berets concave shapes, can be easily controlled in any occasion, both versatile and stylish. Such treasure hat sisters still do not rush?

The wind of the leather beret has been blowing for a long time, which perfectly interprets another playful style of the berets, cool girls don’t miss it~

Speaking of classics, wool felt berets should be said to be the most common material of berets, with a small fragrant top, retro and sexy.

The red beret is also a proper French style, classic and timeless, not only can show the small head circumference, with the school uniform instantly reduce the age of 10 years.

Autumn and winter are inseparable from camel! Earthy berets are perfect for pairing with camel coats or sweaters to add a sense of wholeness, and it’s arguably a color that you can’t go wrong with.

If you think that velvet berets belong only to autumn and winter, you are very wrong. Wear it with a short British shirt and be the most beautiful girl on the street in the summer!

Regarding the wearing method, people with long faces can cover their foreheads with berets, remember to choose a wide brim, and wear it comparable to plastic surgery!

There is no one in the world who is not suitable for wearing a hat, only you who choose the wrong hat!

For girls with high cheekbones, it is recommended to wear it diagonally to define the face line and reduce the contour around the face.

After wearing a beret is really fragrant, she instantly transforms into a cute girl in a Japanese drama! The brim is stuck a little behind the hairline, revealing the bangs, and the sense of atmosphere is immediately pinched.

Cold caps

Sweet cool to keep warm

The weather is a little colder, it is the world of cold hats, fashionable and warm, this item must be understood!

Cold hats always give people a “cool” style, even if it is a baby face, the moment you put it on, it becomes a cool girl in seconds.

Liu Yuxin’s cold hat style can be said to be a textbook version, especially with this dirty braid shape is very out of the circle~

But the way it is worn is a deep science. Girls wearing cold hats mainly look at two positions, hair and ears.

If you have cute air bangs, you can wear the cold hat above your ears to expose your bangs and create a casual and lazy feeling.

If you are in the middle or side, you can slightly cover your forehead with the brim of your hat and show your eyebrows to show the street and personality atmosphere.

The black cold hat should be a must-have item to save the big-headed girl, and you can visually feel that the head circumference has shrunk by a few centimeters.

Folding the edge of the hat and turning it up can also change the sunken temple problem and make the face fuller.

The plate type of the cold cap is suitable for girls with all face shapes, and the short cold hat can be selected for the longer face.

The face shape is round and short, you can choose to wear it with a “pointy” style on the top of the head, it will look thinner!

Colorful beanies can always easily decorate the whole look, making ordinary looks more eye-catching!

The gray cold hat looks more textured, and the base color is more advanced.

Looking at these four hats, there is always a suitable for you, with this fashionable item, your autumn and winter look, is definitely not simple~

Editor, text: Sika

Assistant: Rita