The brainless winter outfit is here, and the “sweater cardigan” creates a good temperament, intellectual and atmospheric

Although fashionable fairies have become more and more with the passage of time, but the piece of clothing still needs everyone’s daily attention, there are many sisters who are not strong enough to dress and do not know how to become urban beauty, so today I will bring you a no-brainer winter outfit, let’s learn to use it together”

Sweater cardigan

“Let’s create a good temperament, it is intellectual, gentle and elegant, regardless of age and wear.”

The first thing to introduce you is a black and white checkerboard sweater cardigan, is the recent style of relatively large style, it is black and white as the main color, the two colors are evenly distributed together, which will form a visual impact, looks simple without losing the atmosphere, but also injects traces of regular beauty, suitable for a wide range of people, almost no pressure on wearing.

The shape of this sweater cardigan is relatively loose, which can cover part of the curve of the body, the flesh covering effect is very good, it will modify the figure, suitable for the eyebrows with more fat on the body, after all, black is inclusive, and the loose fit is of course very slim, the checkerboard is integrated with the embellishment of the love print, which can inject a sense of age-reduction, but there is no suspicion of deliberately dressing up.

The whole only black and white color matching, so it looks very harmonious and natural, black and white is an eternal classic, how to look good together, if you decide to take a low-key route, then the whole do not integrate into other extra colors, so it is easy to wear a nondescript feeling.

The practicality of the white shirt is super strong, it will not be too difficult to control, but will light up and dull, suitable for many important and formal occasions, can be worn when attending events, its advantage is that it is versatile and does not pick people, the disadvantage is that the business is too strong, everyone borrows from the blogger style, as an inner use, will be a good reconcile of disadvantages.

In order to show femininity, the blogger paired a black pleated skirt as a bottom, which can show off the white and slender legs, very prominent figure, more suitable for thin legs, frost-resistant eyebrows, if you are in the cold northern season, or try not to wear so, you can match knee-length boots to enhance warmth, in addition to it will also play a role in correcting the shape of the legs.

The next thing to share for you is a red sweater cardigan, which is not the most intense red, but an orange red, so it looks very colored, very suitable for yellow and black skin eyebrows, it itself is white, and will make your spirit look fuller, and at the same time will make you reap the rate of return, showing mature beauty.

This sweater cardigan adopts a short fit, which will play a role in lifting the waistline, which is very suitable for short cuties, it will show your small waist in front of everyone, and also shape the long legs, the neckline of the sweater cardigan is spliced with white lace, which will play a role in lighting up the dullness and harmonizing the visual effect.

If you want to make a large-scale color contrast, then red and black will be a good combination, after all, red is bright, black is deep, the two just form a neutralization, will not appear too eye-catching, will not have visual fatigue.

Next up is a sweater cardigan with green and white diamond check panels, which is similar to a checkerboard but still has subtle differences, and the combination of these two colors is very fresh, both to reap the return rate without looking too fancy, this traceable feeling is perfect for concave styling.

If you are in a city in the south, the weather may not be too cold, in the face of such weather, it is enough to wear a bandeau dress of the same style inside, but if you are afraid of the cold, do not wear it like this, it is best to try a thick turtleneck sweater, so that there is no possibility of drilling.

Finally, we will introduce you to a printed cardigan with a white base, white is bright, has multiple branches, and the apricot white on the blogger is one of the whites, which has a little more temperature, so it looks very warm and will appear whiter.

The overall seems to have the temperament of the sister next door, so the matching does not need to be too complicated, the white shirt caters to the color of the cardigan, the combination of traditional and simple is very fashionable, and the bottom with camel woolen trousers will be very warm, and the overall warm style is not obtrusive.

That’s all for this issue about sweater cardigans, I don’t know how much you learned? If you like what I’ve shared for you, give me a follow, and I’ll keep you informed about fashion.

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