New way to protect against the cold in winter, fast heat lock temperature protection cervical spine-Feiles intelligent heating scarf

In the northeast Shenyang, the annual winter and did not give autumn many opportunities to come, in fact, it is still in the autumn, there are already people on the road wearing down jackets, it can be seen how terrible the autumn and winter in the northeast are, down jackets are standard, gloves, hats, scarves can not be less, of course, this is often outdoors cold equipment, for a long time, these can not resist. If there is a continuous equipment that can automatically heat it is invincible, the neck and cuffs are the easiest places for each piece of clothing to enter the wind, mainly the neck, connecting the cervical spine and the back and waist, cold rheumatism can be troublesome, so starting from the neck, that is the importance of scarves. Thank you Smart World for providing this experience of this Flex continuous heating scarf,

【Flips Smart Heating Scarf Unpacking】

▲The outer packaging of the Feilesi heating scarf is packaged in a carton, the big red color matching is very festive, the cover is eye-catching marked with the brand and product name, and the back is the basic parameters, core functions, manufacturer information and related certifications of this scarf.

Machine washable with water

Can be bent and kneaded

Precise temperature control at 1°C

5kV withstand voltage test

IPX8 waterproof

▲After removing the packaging, it is all accessories, including Feilesi intelligent heating scarf, mobile power, Micro-USB charging cable, manual, mobile power manual, certificate.

▲ Feilesi heat scarf is divided into five colors: expert hands, pink secret land, interwoven heat wave, pink thousand birds, ink thousand birds, I chose interwoven heat wave, using pink, orange, blue and white several colors patchwork, the overall two parts of the visual contrast, both sexes can be used. The overall design is divided into a temperature lock layer, a heating film, a constant temperature layer, with far-infrared light waves to promote blood circulation, and the fabric is made of rich DuPont cotton, which is soft and skin-friendly.

▲ Wearing is also relatively simple, both ends are designed with a magnetic buckle for fixation, no need to wrap the left circle and right circle like the traditional scarf, this is still more convenient, and the picture demonstration is not bloated. The fastened magnetic clasp is very tight and does not come off automatically at all.

▲ This is the correct way to tie up, it looks like a traditional scarf, but only a single layer, and it looks like a collar from afar. This color scheme is still recommended to match casual clothes to be more handsome.

▲There is an invisible zipper at the colored end of the Feiles heating scarf, and after opening, there is a USB plug with waterproof rubber cap protection, and the meaning of the picture is to plug in the configured flat mobile power supply. The mobile power supply has four power indicators, the overall appearance is very small, just put in the pocket of the scarf, with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection, the cell type is polymer, 2400mAh capacity, using Micro-USB charging.

▲ Feiles heating scarf is divided into three gears are red, blue, orange prompt light as a gear reminder, the official three levels of temperature is, blue gear is 42 ° C, orange gear is 48 ° C, red gear is 55 ° C, relatively speaking, red gear is the fastest heating and the hottest temperature, real-time change gear to adapt to different temperatures, I personally use basically use blue gear, after all, the old men, don’t get too hot.

▲ The actual temperature test, red gear 48.3 °C, orange gear 44 °C, blue gear 36.6 °C, this is also tested in the open case, if fastened, there is a temperature lock effect temperature will increase, the basic error is 6 °C, the orange gear is closest, in fact, the heat has been very obvious.

▲ The little sister is on the neck, and the actual feeling is not rubbed or scratched on the skin, and it is very warm to wear throughout the whole process, which is very suitable for matching clothes without collars or not hoods.


▲ With the net weight of 187.2g with the mobile power supply, it is very light, and it will not obviously feel heavy when carried around, and it really encounters the cold snap decisive belt, the heating effect is rapid, and it can be heated for about 6 hours.


1. Diversified color matching appearance, men and women of all ages can be applied;

2. It can be heated for 6 hours to meet the needs of workers who are often outdoors;

3, DuPont cotton skin-friendly fabric, soft, smooth, no discomfort;

4, invisible zipper design, power just storage, no sense of drag, all kinds of people can be applied, and there is an extended size option;

5,3 seconds fast heating, 3 gears optional, try it at will;


The charging port should be upgraded to a Type-C interface, and the random standard charging cable is too short.