There are not many dresses and matches, and it is OK to buy these 3 dresses in the summer, enough to wear them all summer

This summer, the “dress” is back in the world, it is gentle and elegant, or cute or mature, it will show the feminine charm to the fullest, so today let me share with you an issue of dresses that are popular throughout the early summer, no matter how old you are, you can become beautiful by wearing them. If you are interested, continue to read, full of dry goods, you can definitely benefit a lot. Dressing and matching is not much, buy these 3 dresses in the summer is OK, enough to wear all summer!

One. About the selection of dresses

1. Slip dress

The slip dress is one of the coolest dresses because it reveals a large area of the wearer’s shoulder and neck skin, resulting in a very cool and comfortable experience. The white slip dress looks quite cold and beautiful, although there are slightly more exposed places, but it will not make people feel frivolous and customary, but has an ethereal beauty, and it is recommended to try the beautiful eyebrows with a slim figure, delicate collarbone, and right-angled shoulders, so as not to wear embarrassment.

2. Cheongsam dress

Cheongsam dress is a very classical style skirt, its advantages are slim, charming, amorous, is one of the important ways for mature women to highlight femininity. Its style features are remarkable, generally presenting a sleeveless design, revealing your slender arm line, and also enhancing the atmosphere according to vintage buckles and print elements, especially the gentle and beautiful temperament of a Jiangnan woman.

3. Pink dress

Pink is the cutest and sweetest of all colors, but it is also a color that is often misunderstood. Because of the “death Barbie powder”, many beautiful eyebrows dare not try pink dresses, which need to be changed, such as light pink, rose pink, nude pink are very white and atmospheric colors, do not be prejudiced against it, that will make you miss a more beautiful self. The following two pink dresses are worth buying, with a little white print in pink, but it makes its texture more advanced.

If your temperament is relatively low-key, then you can try the following two pink and white dresses with low saturation and brightness, biased towards Morandi pink, its skirt is not too complicated and gorgeous design, the embellishment of print elements also covers the whole with a layer of hazy beauty, looks gentle and atmospheric, especially suitable for dates, vacations, full of femininity.

Two. Dress dressing demonstration for hipsters

1. Satin slip dress

The texture of a dress will have a certain impact on the overall style. Take the satin dress, for example, this texture is delicate and silky, looks refreshing, and will show a certain luster in the light, which helps to create a noble temperament. However, satin material has a disadvantage, that is, it is easy to show fat, although retro charm is full, but it is still recommended that everyone choose in combination with the actual situation, if there is too much excess meat, it is still necessary to avoid.

2. Warm dresses

Warm color dresses do not have too high requirements for skin tone, and they are more versatile and worth buying. If you’re not confident enough about yourself, here are a few styles you can try. Off-the-shoulder dresses will expose your rounded shoulders, which is not recommended for sisters with too developed trapezius muscles to try, everyone must learn to expose their own advantages, so as to achieve the role of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, slightly fat, ordinary solid color dresses are fashionable enough.

The yellow slip dress is not too difficult to control, but very summer-like, it is already white, even if you are yellow and black leather, you don’t have to worry, and it will make you easily reap the rate of return. If your temperament is prominent, then this is definitely a good choice, you can choose a more suitable fit according to your figure.

Waist design is still more important for women, if you choose a loose-fit dress, then the presence of the waist design will create a loose and measured feeling, otherwise it will look draggy. Therefore, short people try to choose skirts with high waist line design, which will create long legs, so as to avoid the embarrassing effect of “five and five”.

3. Blue printed skirt

The blue printed skirt is also very suitable for summer, its advantage is that it looks fresh and atmospheric, almost no matter what age to wear it will not look old, but will play a visual cooling effect. If you have a small round face, you can get this V-neck dress below, which will lengthen your neck line and make your face look perfect.

So many practical styles and colors have been shared for you, all of which can be copied directly, and you can try it out with your favorite style. Now it’s your time, so see you next time!

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