Does Haval H6 need to apply a film, and how much does a Haval paste a film

Haval H6 is best recommended to apply film, after all, it is a family car, and the daily maintenance of the vehicle is still indispensable. According to the choice of many car owners, Haval H6 still recommends that the whole car be attached to the beauty skin care EV series, which costs a total of about 3,000 yuan. If you choose not to upgrade, it’s free!

Car film is to paste a layer of film-like objects on the front and rear windshields, side window glass and sunroofs of the vehicle, and this film-like object is also called solar film or explosion-proof heat insulation film.

Its function is mainly to block ultraviolet rays, block part of the heat and prevent the sudden burst of glass caused by injury, anti-glare and other situations, and at the same time according to the unidirectional perspective performance of the solar film to achieve the purpose of protecting personal privacy. In addition, it can also reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation of the contents of the car and personnel, reduce the temperature in the car through physical reflection, reduce the use of car air conditioning, thereby reducing fuel consumption and saving part of the cost.

In general, automotive glass film has 7 major benefits:

1. Heat and sun protection. The film is a good barrier to the large amount of heat generated by infrared rays.

2. Ultraviolet rays. The medium and long waves in ultraviolet rays can penetrate thick glass, and a heat insulation film can block most of the ultraviolet rays. Prevents skin damage and also reduces the aging of car interiors.

3. Safety and explosion-proof. The base layer of the film is polyester film, which has a very tear-resistant and anti-breakdown function, plus the adhesive layer of the film, the strength of the glass after the film can prevent the accidental breaking of the glass from causing damage to the driver and passengers.

4. Create a private space. Choose the right variety, after the film, usually the inside of the car can not be seen clearly outside the car, and inside the car can see the outside of the car, retaining privacy and security.

5. Reduce air conditioning and save consumption. The loss of cooling capacity of air conditioners with heat insulation film can be compensated, which can instantly reduce the temperature in the car and save fuel consumption to a certain extent.

6. Increase aesthetics. According to personal preferences, the film can personalize the beautiful car.

7. Anti-glare. Reduce surprises caused by glare.