Woman hot spare parts sunscreen clothing! These new models not only have good sun protection, but also look elegant and expensive

Before you know it, the clouds are gradually becoming less, and the sunlight between the treetops seems to be more dazzling, which is the sound of summer! As the weather warms up and summer gets closer and closer, are you ready for it? Although the summer sun is good, the damage to the skin is also quite powerful, so we must prepare for sun protection anyway!

Loose and casual a sunscreen clothing, selected comfortable and high-quality anti-ultraviolet fabrics, comfortable and soft and breathable, even in the middle of summer will not appear sweaty, H version of the short design, cover the flesh and look thin completely do not pick the figure, especially suitable for small children, delicate and delicate workmanship every needle is smooth and delicate, everywhere highlights the simple but not simple sense of premium!

A fresh and sweet sunscreen clothing, the style is simple and clear, using a sporty baseball collar design, modifying the neck curve simple and neat, the cuffs are elasticated, neat and capable to wear more comfortable and comfortable, the ruffles embellished around the waist are more flexible at the same time, but also highlight the sweet temperament of the little woman!

The loose bat-shaped design combined with 360° golden ratio cropping can be easily controlled even by fat sisters, showing a thin belly and more fashionable atmosphere, the hooded design reduces age and generous, elasticated cuffs are comfortable and neat, the waist is disconnected with a flap pocket design, more youthful vitality, the hem of the drawstring is freely adjusted, full of vitality!

Elegant and calm and light dark green, let you bloom a different beauty this summer, the subtle and elegant basic color makes you more restrained and calm, the loose and simple fit allows you to stay away from small troubles of the figure, the elastic closure design is more neat and simple, the hidden pockets on both sides of the bodice are more exquisite in workmanship, allowing you to raise your hands to show a more distinctive simple temperament!

Romantic purple with small A-line version of the style, classic elegant and fashionable sunscreen clothing, casual feeling full of hooded design, more practical in the hot summer, the fitted shoulder cut and loose hem form a very thin fit, the body shape is perfectly modified, the front short back hem is more neat and fashionable!