The dust-proof and insect-proof shelf is more practical, and the storage of dishes and chopsticks can also be drained, a new generation of kitchen artifacts

Speaking of kitchen storage, there are really many choices of related storage supplies, but the function of most storage supplies is relatively single, such as drainage rack only drainage function, storage rack although it solves the storage problem but easy to accumulate oil and dust, without any protective tableware can only be allowed to climb by pests such as cockroaches.

Many friends wash the dishes and chopsticks to be put on the drain rack to drain the water first, and then put it in the cabinet, one is trouble, and the other is easy to forget.

I recommend a lidd shelf that integrates drainage and storage, and the washed dishes and chopsticks are directly put in, which can not only drain and store, but also prevent dust and insects, which is really a new generation of kitchen storage artifacts.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of this shelf with a lid, minimalist shape design, single layer and multi-layer options, placed in the kitchen not only solves the problem of drainage and storage of tableware, but also improves the grade of the kitchen, is definitely the best choice for kitchen storage supplies.

Don’t look at its small size, but it has super storage capacity. THE HEIGHT OF THE LOWER 24CM CAN MEET THE DRAINAGE AND STORAGE REQUIREMENTS OF MOST OF THE LOADING PLATES; THE HEIGHT OF THE UPPER 18CM CAN EASILY FIT MORE THAN A DOZEN RICE BOWLS, NOT TO MENTION THE STORAGE OF CHOPSTICKS, KNIVES AND FORKS AND OTHER TABLEWARE. Even if it is four generations living together, such a shelf can meet the storage requirements of the whole family’s tableware.

The biggest feature of this shelf with lid is the transparent lid design, which can prevent dust, oil smoke from entering, and can prevent pests such as cockroaches from entering and filling the tableware with bacteria.

The upper layer adopts a 90-degree upturn to fix the transparent cover design, and the lower layer is a transparent double door design, which is convenient for tableware. The small raised handle is also particularly convenient for opening and closing.

The large-spacing drainage sink design will not stagnate when standing water, keep the dishes and dishes dry, and it is not easy to breed bacteria.

The asphalt plate adopts a removable design for easy removal and cleaning.

The lower layer is designed for vertical storage, and the dishes can be placed vertically to speed up draining. The draining position of the chopsticks is also specially designed, and the chopstick barrel at home feels redundant.

The bottom is equipped with a pull-out water tray, which is convenient to take out and drain the dirty water inside.

The top adopts a micro-trap design, you can put the commonly used spice jar on it, you don’t have to worry about falling it, it is easy to use, and the kitchen stove is more neat. The installation of this covered shelf is also particularly simple and can be quickly completed freehand without the need for special installation tools.

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