Will you choose boots? A detailed women’s boot shopping strategy sharing

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Wear the right boots to show off your legs. Recently, many sisters have bought a lot of beautiful clothes, so why not buy yourself a pair of “combat boots”. A pair of suitable boots can not only add points to the whole LOOK, but also show off the leg length in style. Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect leg shape, today nagging sisters with different leg shapes how to choose boots.

1. Boot style

Before choosing a boot, let’s talk about the main styles of boots.

(1) Round-toe boots

Features: The toe cap is rounded, more casual, not very picky leg type and foot shape, more common and versatile.

(2) Square toe boots

Features: The toe cap is a regular square, more retro fashion style. It is especially suitable for people with wide feet and flat feet.

(3) Pointy toe boots

Features: The toe cap is designed as a pointed toe, which modifies the foot shape, extends the foot surface line, and shows the leg length. The little sister dared and showed her height.

(4) V-mouth boots

Features: The recently particularly popular V-mouth design of the knight boots, the leg line is very inclusive, showing thinness.

(5) Platform boots

Features: Thick-bottomed design, for small children, it is a high artifact, and the BV boots worn by all Internet celebrities are representative.

Second, choose boots according to the leg shape

(1) O-legs

Suitable for: high boots, knee-length boots, over-the-knee boots

O-legs, when standing naturally, the two ankles touch, but the knees cannot come together. The O-leg Jimei is more suitable for knee-length or over-the-knee high boots, covering the valgus calf, choosing a V-mouth design, and wearing it to show the leg length and leg straightness.

(2) X-shaped legs

Suitable for: knee-length boots, over-the-knee boots

X-shaped legs are when standing naturally, the legs and knees can touch, but the two ankles cannot be brought together. Jimei with X-shaped legs is more suitable for wearing knee-length boots and over-the-knee boots, and the knees will not be close together, and the legs will appear straighter.

TIPS: If O-leg and X-leg sisters want to wear booties, it is recommended to wear them with loose-fitting straight-through or wide-leg pants.

(3) Thick calves

Sisters with thicker calves are recommended to choose high boots to define the calf line. If your calves are not very thick, you can try naked boots and booties, and pair them with straight pants that can define the shape of your legs, and you can easily show your legs and legs.

(4) Small short legs

Suitable for: bare boots, booties

Sisters with short legs generally have a body proportion of five or five, do not choose too long boots, choose naked boots or booties just above the ankle, show high leg length, preferably high heels style, the effect is better.

Today’s women’s boots shopping guide is shared here, I hope that sisters can choose the right boots that suit them, out of confidence and self-confidence. I love to search for beauty, like my sharing, follow me!