Bring your own two package boxes, cannot borrow school supplies, and this school in Shenzhen issued guidelines for resuming school

Students who eat at school should bring two sets of lunch boxes with lids, one pack of disinfectant wipes and one pack of dry paper towels every day, keep their distance in class, and do not borrow school supplies from each other…

On April 13, Nanshan Experimental Education Group Gardener School (hereinafter referred to as “Gardener School”) in Nanshan District, Shenzhen released the first batch of guidelines for students and parents who resumed school (junior high school), which made clear and detailed requirements for school supplies, materials, classroom instructions, etc. after students returned to school.

Earlier, the Department of Education of Guangdong Province released news that the province’s senior three and junior high school students returned to school on April 27. After May 11, according to the epidemic prevention and control situation, all localities will arrange for students of other grades of primary and secondary schools to return to school in phases, batches, and staggered peaks.

Therefore, for the first batch of junior high and senior students who returned to school, how to prevent the epidemic in schools has become the focus of many parents’ attention.

So what are the schools in Shenzhen doing? Xiaonan will take you today to see how the gardener school will do.

Complete the epidemic prevention knowledge test before the start of school

Students at the Gardener School need to complete the epidemic prevention knowledge test and then participate in the special lecture of psychological adjustment experts online, which are the two things that gardeners need to complete before returning to school. In the guideline, Xiaonan saw that the resumption of school list is divided into student chapters and parent chapters, each of which is divided into three parts: “14 days before the start of school”, “the day of school” and “after the start of school”.

In the “14 Days Before School Starts” content, the school requires returning students to complete the epidemic prevention knowledge test on the questionnaire star on April 13, and participate in the live broadcast of the special lecture of psychological adjustment experts before and after school return to school online on April 14. At the same time, the temperature is checked every morning and evening, recorded on the designated form, and the temperature measurement record form is photographed and sent to the class teacher the day before the start of school. In order to make the return of students on April 27 more orderly, the gardener’s school also arranged for students to return to school in batches on April 25 to participate in the resumption of class on-site drill.

School supplies should be prepared in advance and cannot be borrowed from each other

What do students need to pay attention to when school starts? The guidelines of the gardener’s school state that students are advised to walk or take a private car to school, and if taking public transport, they must wear masks correctly at all times, avoid touching public objects and keep a certain distance from others.

In terms of school supplies, students should bring books, dictionaries, exercise books, stationery, etc. necessary for study according to the requirements of the subject teacher. In addition, students who need to eat at school should bring two sets of lunch boxes with lids (breakfast and lunch), and put the lunch boxes in the designated place in the restaurant after breakfast.

The gardener’s school pointed out that during the resumption of school, the use of masks in school is uniformly guaranteed by the higher authorities, but it is still recommended to stock up on a certain number of medical masks for personalized needs and replacement. In addition, students are required to bring a pack of disinfectant wipes, a pack of dry wipes and epidemic prevention materials for special physical fitness every day. It is also emphasized that the school has prepared hand sanitizer, etc., and students are not allowed to bring alcohol and spray disinfectant into the school.

Masks are also required for dispersed meals and physical education classes

According to the guidelines, students should wear masks after entering the campus, wash their hands or wipe down stationery, water cups and other personal items with hand sanitizer disinfectant wipes before entering the classroom. Students should wear masks and maintain a certain distance in classrooms, offices, etc., to avoid close contact.

For student meals, the gardener’s school implements decentralized dining, washing hands and taking body temperature before entering the cafeteria, eating in designated locations, and not chatting. For lunch breaks, the guidelines point out that students will be arranged to scatter lunch breaks in classrooms and libraries, and students are required to bring quilts and other essential items for lunch breaks to take lunch breaks at designated locations, and cannot change places at will.

In the classroom, the gardener’s school requires students to wear masks, single tables, no seat swaps with classmates, and discussion during class, but keep their distance and do not borrow school supplies from each other. Classes on track and field and basketball courts on sunny days, classes on the overhead floor on the first floor on rainy days, and the gymnasium is not open, and pointed out that physical education classes also need masks and pay attention to keeping a distance.

School: Tens of thousands of masks have been stockpiled and three sets of plans have been prepared

“The guidelines for schools were developed in the context of relevant documents issued by the state, provinces and municipalities. , we have revised it no less than six times before the official release. Xie Huiping, principal of the gardener’s school, told Xiaonan that the formulation of the guidelines has also passed extensive research in the early stage and communicated with students’ parents.

Xie Huiping said that the number of students who resumed school in the third year of junior high school is more than 100, and the overall amount is not particularly large, so he also hopes to accumulate experience for the comprehensive resumption of school in the later stage through the first batch of resumption of school.

For student lunch, Xie Huiping introduced that the school still uses its own canteen to supply, the staff of the canteen have been deep for more than 1 month on the day of resumption of school, and all have undergone relevant tests.

On the lunch break, Xie Huiping pointed out that the school has used a 1,200-square-meter library as a lunch break place to ensure that students maintain a safe distance during the lunch break, and the number of people in a class will not exceed 10.

“Of course, we have also made some plans for resuming school, and three sets of plans have been formulated so far.” Xie Huiping introduced that when all grades resume school, the lunch break space will not be guaranteed, and the school will appropriately extend the time between school in the morning and afternoon classes to encourage students to go home for lunch break.

In terms of the protection of masks, Xie Huiping also revealed that the school has now reserved tens of thousands of masks, and when school resumes, they will be distributed to students free of charge according to their needs.

[Written by] Xu Feng

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