Japanese drugstore dry goods! Top 10 worth buying!

Source: Ten O’clock Grass (Shuk)

Today, Shuck will talk about Japanese cosmeceuticals in detail

What kind of charm makes many fairies

Insufficient balance for Japanese drugstores?!

Japan is one of the few countries that legally recognizes cosmeceuticals

The Japanese Ministry of Health divides cosmetics into: pharmaceuticals and general cosmetics

and “Quasi drug”


Well, it is used to cure diseases, and it cannot be bought and used casually

A doctor’s order or prescription is required

Japanese general cosmetics

To put it roughly, it is not effective

Because their claims of efficacy are limited

Products with whitening, anti-acne, wrinkle removal, sun protection and other effects

All are subsumed

Pharmaceutical external products


Simply put, skincare products you buy in Japan

Basically belong to “external pharmaceutical products”

This is what we call Japanese cosmeceuticals

The efficacy of Japanese cosmeceuticals is worth looking forward to stir-fried chicken!

Because if you want to become a cosmeceutical, you have to show hard power and pass regulation

We were on a shopping spree at a Japanese drugstore

I often see different logos on products

For example, FX eye drops are Class 2 drugs

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Eye Drops is a Class 3 drug

What’s the difference between it?

Class I pharmaceuticals

It refers to drugs and new drugs that must be strictly aware of side effects

Such drugs can only be sold in pharmacies with pharmacists

The pharmacist must refer the instructions for use of the drug

To consumers

to elaborate

So if babies want to buy the first type of medicine


Go to a drugstore with a pharmacist


Class II pharmaceuticals

It is available at most drugstores in Japan

Refers to drugs other than the first category that require attention to side effects

For example: cold, fever, stomach pain, constipation and other medicines

Such medicines must be marked on the instructions

“Confirm in time before use”,

The words “must be taken strictly as directed”

For example, the towering rose eye drops belong to the second category of medicines

Has a certain medicinal effect

Class III pharmaceuticals

Refers to the exclusion of the above two categories

Medicines that are less likely to have side effects

In principle, if the consumer does not ask for it

It is possible not to specify the drug

It is also the only drug that can be sold incorrectly

Lotton Water Moisturizer Eye Drops is a third class of medicine

Generally, you can buy something for 5,000 yen or more at a drugstore

(Almost more than 300 RMB)

Show your passport at checkout and you can get a tax refund

The cashier will affix the Tax Free form to your passport

Here you want

Remind everyone! Very important!!!

After checkout, the clerk will seal your bag

(The bag is generally transparent)

Theoretically, it cannot be disassembled without returning to China

The mud must be in the case of the bag not being opened

Take stock of whether the things you bought are complete!

Especially the most expensive ones are not in the bag

Because everything in the drugstore is very small, it is easy to leak

Shook had a bitter experience

Although it was solved later, it also took a lot of words and time

OK, which are the best-selling and most famous Japanese drugstores, and Shuk is here to briefly introduce 7 Top Japanese drugstores (ranked in order of sales in 2018)


——A strong cosmeceutical retailer in Japan

There are generally Chinese clerks in the store, and the price is relatively cheap

Babies are not familiar with the name Welcia

In fact, in 2017, Welica, the dark horse, defeated Matsumoto Kiyoshi


The most profitable cosmeceutical company in Japan

However, Welcia’s sales mainly came from pharmaceuticals and food

Supplemented by cosmetics and skincare products

So babies who mainly want to buy medicines and food

Just go for this house

Tsuruha Drug Store

——Japan’s leading cosmeceutical group

Its symbol is a crane

The black character “Xue” on a yellow background is also very eye-catching

We have everything from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and daily necessities

And there are many more

Tsuruha cosmeceuticals limited to products

If the babies see it, don’t miss it, go in and stroll~

Kiyoshi Matsumoto

Babies should be the most familiar with La, the signboard also has a big “薬” character, the difference is that the word is red, if you think it will be confused with Tsuruha, remember the “マ” character at the beginning

Kiyoshi Matsumoto’s

There is a wide variety of products

Daily necessities, food, medicine, medical supplies and so on

On top of that, the cosmetics and skincare products here are quite complete

From affordable brands to noble ladies

Matsumoto Kiyoshi often has various promotions

There are also many Chinese shopping guides, and it is very convenient to shop


It is also highly praised among Chinese in Japan, and once fell in love with Matsumoto Kiyoshi and killed each other”

The cheapest drugstore in Japan

It is said that where there is Matsumoto Kiyoshi, there is SUNDRUG, and the two often compete with discounts, and if the babies meet, it is simply a character explosion! Rush in and consume~

His logo is also very similar to Matsumoto Kiyoshi & Tsuruha

These three must have done it on purpose

It’s that we are stupid and can’t tell

Cosme is Japan’s largest beauty review website, Cosme Store, which exclusively sells the most popular items on the Cosme Awards list

The display is also arranged according to the list

The store is very neat and clean

It doesn’t feel confusing

The flow of people will not be as large as that of drugstores like Kiyoshi Matsumoto

The price will not be particularly cheap though

But the stuff is pretty complete

The stores of Shanji Pharmacy are mainly located in commercial centers

Generally, we concentrate products and new products that have been popular recently

Including medical, natural, imported brand cosmetics

There are not only beauty consultants but also pharmacists

Naw, I said I want to buy the first class of drugs

Come here and consult a pharmacist

The English name of Kekai Jialai is cocokarafine

The pink logo is a feature of its home

Various medicines, skin care products, and beauty products are available

Compared to traditional drugstores

Can open the Jialai more fashionable and atmospheric

More importantly, changes have been made in detail and service

Some stores have more than just a dedicated one

Customer relaxation area

There are also specialized

Prescription Drug Zone

It is equipped with freezer, coffee machine, wash basin, microwave, etc

There is also a skin detection and automatic nail art area, and a powder room

Babies who want to have multiple experiences in addition to buying, buying, buy

Come to Kai Jia to turn around, it is not wrong~

Having said all that, Shook concluded:

Actually, it’s —

Just rush in and buy it!

Any drugstore in Japan

I’m afraid you can’t stop buying it!

Here are 10 things

It is the top 10 that Shuk personally thinks is a must-buy when entering a drugstore

I recommend it to you with a flat chest!

Shook’s favorite thing to buy at a Japanese drugstore this time is

Minon amino acid hydrating mask

Contains 9 moisturizing amino acids and 2 clear amino acids


Moisturizing + delicate skin

No fragrance, alcohol, coloring added

So sensitive skin and large thin skin can also be used!

Mask paper is fiber non-woven fabric,

Very satisfied

The amount of essence is very large! Extruded to be

Jelly-like gel texture

Liquidity is relatively low

So remember when babies use it

Squeeze out the essence remaining in the bag

Apply to the face for 10~15 minutes (don’t time out!) )

Remove the film paper without washing

Massage into the face until remaining essence is absorbed

The condition of the skin is much better with the naked eye

, awesome! ~

First aid artifact undoubtedly!

DHC lipstick is on fire

It’s really easy to use~

It only costs 20 yuan to buy at a Japanese drugstore, which is super cost-effective

How many are you going to stock? It is also excellent to buy and give away~

DHC lipstick on the mouth

Colorless and odorless

It couldn’t be better as a lipstick base

Lipstick contains natural olive oil, aloe vera extract,

Licorice derivatives and vitamin E

Can be long-lasting

Keep lips moisturized and lighten lip lines

The upper mouth will not feel sticky

Winter must-have duck, awesome~

Shuk wants to stand up and applaud Fancl cleansing oil, every time you press a pump, you can unload the whole face goose and unload it very clean, the thief is easy to use~ It will be clean with water and will not be pasted on the face

Particularly gentle and refreshing

The green tea catechin oil contained in the cleansing oil is used while removing makeup

Also wide to fade the dull yellow,

Leaves skin clean and translucent

Rosehip oil repairs scars and reduces pigmentation

White mango seed oil can reduce the production of blackheads~

It does not contain irritating ingredients, so it can also be used for sensitive skin


The shelf life is relatively short

Babies should use up within 6 months after opening the bottle~

Orbin first milk and then water, the stability maintenance effect is excellent

The lotion is used after cleansing

Recommend mud moe

Use a cotton pad to rub into skin in circular motions

Particularly refreshing and quickly absorbed by the skin

It can hydrate and control oil astringency

Regulates skin’s water and oil balance

Now the lotion is newly upgraded, purple moisturizing blue whitening oh~

The famous healthy water is used after the Orbin lotion

Extracted extract of northern coix kernel

Helps skin metabolize normally

The biggest feeling of using Shuker is


Acne wet compress, immediately have anti-inflammatory and calm feet

Long-term use of the skin all the time

Stay healthy


Kiss me mascara to

Famous for its value for money

Available in slim and thick versions

Both are fine


Yawning or something will never be smudged again, big love~

The brush head is also very easy to use

The roots are clear

, fly legs will not appear

It will not be difficult to remove makeup

Shuk usually massages with Fancl’s oil a few times~

Bursting acne again? It doesn’t matter, it proves that we are still young ~

Lion King’s acne cream is dotted on acne

It can balance oil control, eliminate redness and swelling, and antibacterial acne

The formula is also milder

Weak acid low stimulation, cool upper face

Contains butylene glycol broad

Moisturizes skin

It will not be greasy and heavy, which will put too much burden on the skin

Vitamin C derivative ingredients

It can also lighten acne marks~

When you go to the drugstore, you must stock up on a variety of eye drops, which are available for daily use, night use, contact lenses, and special eye drops, cool and non-cool

Everyone knows the towering rose eye drops~

Known as the Hermes of eye drops

It contains rose extract from natural extracts

The main effect is to relieve eye fatigue, redness and other problems

It can also prevent eye inflammation

In fact, there is also a moonshine eye drop

Specially used at night

Can promote the metabolism of the eyes~

Dragon horn scattered

Made from a variety of fresh herbal extracts

Take a pack when you have an overheated voice, cough, and an uncomfortable throat

Can relieve discomfort

Eat directly dry

, after eating it, the throat is cool and very comfortable

There is no medicinal smell at all

Shook loves peach-flavored and sweet ones

Canker ulcer stickers from Japanese drugstores and bought at domestic pharmacies

Really one heaven and one underground

The drugstore’s stick is very firm and will not fall off at all

A few canker sores are about the same

Domestic… It’s hard to put into words

As soon as you lick it, it will fall off, what use do you want?

So… Babies who often have mouth sores

When you go to Japan, remember to buy it~

The last one! Japanese stockings, hahaha!

I like to wear a sister paper in short skirts

When you go to Japan, you must buy ducks!

Astigu’s stockings are very reasonably priced

It’s also very easy to wear

Natural, comfortable, not easy to hook

Awesome (๑•̀ᄇ•́)و✧

A wide variety of styles for you to choose from

The most basic “muscles”, the “pressure” of slimming legs

“Open” with open toes, and black “black”, etc

Don’t worry that you can’t choose what you like!

Well, okay, Shook really can’t type

That’s it for today!

Hope it helps you~