The rise of the national comic “Nezha”, how far are we from domestic originals

This month, I believe that everyone has eaten a domestic anime “Nezha”, for the editor who has brushed this movie twice, I think this movie can be called the pinnacle of representing national comics.

The popularity of the film is inseparable from the five-year hard work and painstaking efforts of director dumplings and production staff.

In recent years, with the rise of public awareness of supporting domestic production, the voice of support for Chinese manufacturing has become higher and higher.

Made in China is no longer synonymous with copycat copying and shoddy manufacturing, but has begun to take the high-end cost-effective route.

Facts have proved that when domestic brands are seriously created, they are not inferior to foreign big brands.

Even popular abroad

From the popularity of Forbidden City makeup in the circle of friends in the past two years, and the stunning international show of domestic brand sports shoes, we can feel that domestic products are rising rapidly

Compared with the price of foreign brands that are worth several times or even dozens of times the value of premium products, domestic products can be described as high quality and low price.

At the same time, many enterprises have also transformed into China’s high-quality manufacturing.

As a result, many foreign students have been attracted to return to China to join the army of domestic originals

FANCI has also been constantly exploring and persevering on the road of domestic originality


Star Language, Star Wish

The series is the sincere original work of domestic young jewelry designer SOFI

Inspired by the starry natural landscape of the deep dome, the designer collides colorful natural colored gemstones with karat gold to create a fairytale dream


Incorporating each girl’s dream into jewelry design and presenting a sky full of stars, it took more than a year from design to launch,

Every detail has been modified countless times by the designer

Designer manuscripts

As the star of the collection, the designer used ten colored stars to set off a white star, symbolizing the brightest star of Brightest Star.

The colored stars are set with garnet, peridot, topaz, crystal stones, etc., symbolizing the bustling world of flowers and flowers, while the white sapphire on the top symbolizes that we are every irreplaceable independent body in the world

And another original

Dreamer series

, incorporating wild imagination into jewelry design

(FANCI Jewelry)

Everyone has been a teenager, every teenager has a dream in his heart, maybe in the end we don’t have the career we want, but reality can’t stop our imagination.

The Dreamer series expresses the dreams of teenagers in the form of accessories, interpreting those shining little dreams with small trinkets, providing us with a city of illusion.

The product is made of 18K gold, some styles are set with high-grade diamonds, simple and delicate, childlike and cute, suitable for many occasions, add a little more care to your life.

FANCI Fan Qi Jewelry never perfunctory in the design and production of jewelry, adhering to the rigorous attitude of seeking quality and quantity, and will continue to adhere to the road of domestic originality.

(FANCI Fan Qi Jewelry)

Star Language, Star Wish