Two stores of Chow Tai Sang opened, and the whole city was greatly benefited

Xinzhou Zhou Tai Sheng jewelry grand opening

Tiansen store / Dongda store

The two stores celebrate together

October 26th! Big! Open! Karma!

Knock on the blackboard and get to the point!

How few welfare activities are available for openings!

Listen to the editor!

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You can receive a luxury soup pot worth 198 yuan

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Pick up time: October 26/27 (200 copies per day)



Pick up the store: Xinjian Lutian Senhui Chow Tai Sang Jewelry

(Mall South)

Meet you, like you

Fall in love with you

Just to be together in this life

Wear the diamond ring of last week’s birthday

Shine with bliss

Sweet wedding ・ I send wedding dress + follow-up

A beautiful opportunity that a married baby can’t miss

Spend 1,000 RMB or more during the opening event

You can participate in the red envelope lottery

Diamond ring/swan chain

Trolley case/kettle/boutique comb

0 loss 0 depreciation

Unlimited out-of-store stores


All can participate in the trade-in

Diamonds/Colored Treasures/Jackpots

Spend $1,000 or more off $120

Anyone who purchases at Tiansen Hui Shopping Center or more for 99 yuan

You can enter the store to participate in the red envelope draw!

Powerful, really gifted

Zhou Taisheng’s opening is so willful

Opening ceremony on October 26

Onlookers and gifts

—— Beauty because of love Born for love——


Buy good diamonds Zhou Dasheng

High brand ▪, high quality, high ▪ service

It’s our standards and attitudes