“Reading and sharing” why Ronghua Chicken defeated KFC and made tea, details determine a good tea

At the beginning of its establishment in 90 years, Ronghua Chicken was committed to developing national fast food that is more suitable for the eating habits of Chinese people in order to “resist” the development of foreign fast food. Ronghua Chicken was also very popular in the early days of its establishment, with a daily turnover of more than 10W per store, and chain stores were opened in Beijing, Shenzhen, etc., but the good times did not last long, and Ronghua Chicken withdrew from the Beijing market in 2000.

The development experience of Ronghua Chicken is also the development experience of most domestic private enterprises, which grew rapidly in the early stage by virtue of quality and word of mouth, but it could not break through at a certain stage of development, and was even eliminated by the market. Some of these details are worth pondering, such as: the chicken supplied to KFC will definitely zaisha until the seventh week, although the meat production is not as much as the eighth week, but the meat quality and taste better. A single point shows that KFC pays great attention to detail and standardizes details.

We also need to pay special attention to details when making tea, many people only believe in the brand, there is a reason, the brand has experienced precipitation, has formed a certain degree of standardization, tea made under the standard, may not be particularly outstanding, but the quality will be more balanced, will also be suitable for the taste of more people. Simply talk about the tea roasting link, some tea factories use

Woodwood + handmade way

The advantage is that wood-fired baking has a pyrotechnic atmosphere, but the success or failure of tea depends on the master’s judgment of temperature, and the risk of production failure is high. There are tea factories


When the machine accurately controls the temperature and controls, it is obvious that the machine is more delicate and the risk of production failure is low.

Written at the end, everyone’s mantra “details determine success or failure”, in fact, is not just a slogan, it needs to be put in

Details [Standardization]

Be born.

Tea cultivation should be standardized

, when to loosen the soil, when to fertilize, when to prune;

Tea harvesting summary standardization

, what weather picking, what standard picking;

Tea production should be standardized

, what standard finishing, what standard kneading, what standard baking;

Tea storage should be standardized

, what temperature conditions are stored, what humidity conditions are stored, etc. To make a good tea, all aspects need to be strictly standardized, no”

It’s all about feeling


It’s all about experience

“Tea making.