8 warm and fashionable autumn clothes and autumn pants, no matter how cold the weather is, it will not be bloated

This year’s cold air came unexpectedly, and many places entered autumn overnight, or even into winter, and autumn clothes and pants did not have time to prepare. Many netizens are saying: The most important thing to buy last night is probably autumn clothes and autumn pants…

Therefore, the intimate little cover has sorted out some autumn clothes and autumn pants worth buying, which are light and comfortable and have strong warmth performance, which everyone needs.


Shuya | Boya Men’s Series E5/14572Y

The Boya men’s series belongs to Shuya’s high-end series and is of first-class quality. This series of autumn clothes has three materials: cashmere, wisdom wool and modal materials, of which cashmere is the most expensive.

These thermal pants have a loose fit that is comfortable and not tight. The elastic foot fit is not restrained, effectively preventing wind and keeping warm. The price of the Jingdong flagship store is 179 yuan, and the order of coupons is 200-30 during the period of 10.20-10.26.


Mr. Aimer | Modal V-neck thermal set

Most of Mr. Aimer’s basic autumn clothes are made of modal as raw materials, priced between 200-800 yuan, of which the thickened version has the strongest warmth, and spandex blend has both skin-friendly, breathable and fit, its thickness is more moderate than other basic light and thin models, and acrylic is the main warmth. A single top costs about 600 yuan, but there is also a phenomenon of easy pilling.

The more expensive ones are cashmere, bamboo wool and WARM+ models, which contain precious quercus silk, wool or cashmere ingredients, and a single autumn coat is priced at more than 300 yuan.


Warm Love | Classic brushed thermal underwear WA01/02

Known for its excellent comfort and warmth, the manufacturer Alice Corporation became a household name in Japan in the 70s due to the popularity of the series.

Brushed autumn coat series is divided into five thicknesses: thin, thin, basically thick, thickened and thickened, using Japanese Mitsubishi special fiber and Australian wool, with cylinder non-marking weaving technology, the fabric is light and fluffy, excellent heat storage, suitable for severe winter wear. The price range is covered from 400-1000 yuan, and can be found on major e-commerce platforms.

It is worth mentioning that the collection also has oversized thermal pants exclusive to pregnant women, and expectant mothers can also buy suitable styles.


Bananai | Hot leather 301+ thermal underwear series

301+ series thermal underwear is the most basic product of banana, with acrylic as the main thermal fiber, with nylon, polyester fiber and spandex, which not only has a good warmth effect, but also wear-resistant and structured, elastic.

In addition, the relaxation area design under the armpits, combined with non-marking cuffs and elastic foot design, ensures sufficient space for movement while having a non-marking effect, and is priced at 98 yuan.


Aimer | Crewneck thermal underwear AM741381

The Aimer women’s autumn clothes are very feminine from the appearance, adding lace, lace, rhinestones and other elements, changing the dull impression of traditional autumn clothes.

This autumn coat uses acrylic as the main thermal fiber, which is soft to the touch and has strong warmth. Combined with spandex to enhance elasticity, it is comfortable to wear without tightening. The Jingdong flagship store is priced at 414 yuan, and it is as low as 344 yuan at the time of the event.


Wacoal | Thin, non-marking modal warm clothes

As a famous Japanese underwear brand, Wacoal has been a leader in the field of women’s underwear since 1949. The thermal underwear it produces has the characteristics of thin, light and warm, light and soft to wear, warm but not heavy.

The Huacoal modal series is its product representative, which continues the advantages of Modale skin-friendly, breathable, smooth and shiny, using three-dimensional weaving technology on the chest, waist and abdomen, and back to have a shaping effect, and can show the elegant body curves when worn.

Wacoal underwear used to need overseas shopping, and after years of development, it is now easily available on Tmall and offline stores. The average price of this series is around 200 yuan, which is suitable for women who want to wear an elegant body.


Shuya | Antibacterial modal series couple

The 14994W follows the consistent comfort performance of Shuya, the material is light and breathable, and it is not stuffy to wear. The combination of 50 modals and spandex is smooth and delicate to the touch, and the elasticity is not restrained. AAA grade antibacterial, all-weather health protection.

This V-neck design is not easy to show when worn underneath, making it easy to wear with a variety of garments, making it scarless and comfortable. 10.20-10.26 Collect coupons over 200-20, and enjoy a single 9% discount, only 213 yuan!


Red beans | Red bean velvet hot underwear couple

As an old Chinese brand founded in 1957, Hongdou’s underwear performance has always been balanced. The neckline, sleeves and hem of its non-marking underwear are seamlessly stitched, so it is worn closely without abrasion and comfort.

Moreover, this series uses the best Lycra material in elastane, which not only has good elasticity, but also is not easy to deform after repeated washing. The series can be purchased for less than 200 yuan, which is cost-effective.