Hard + Smart + Comfortable All Available! The little war wolf is coming

“Fun off-road, choose Beijing” off-road gene, born off-road!

60 years of military quality, great Beijing brand, hardcore wolf warrior spirit, inheritance off-road family

#The first car that started off-road life#Little Wolf BJ30,

【New car to store】The price is 105,800 yuan-125,800 yuan, the car arrives at the store, welcome to appreciate,

【1】Online reservation gift: Book a test drive at the store through online channels and enjoy an exclusive 500 yuan car purchase coupon.

【2】Sincere subsidy gift: online channel customers sign up to come to the store, with a valid voucher, reimburse the transportation expenses on the day of purchase (within the island)

[3] New car gift: buy a car and get a boutique gift package worth 5880 yuan.

【4】Financial interest-free gift: 80,000 fixed loan 2 years 0 interest! Help you save 5600 yuan interest! Rigong only costs 111 yuan!

[5] Replacement and upgrade gift: online channel replacement purchase of cars, enjoy up to 6,000 yuan replacement subsidy! .

【6】Lucky referral gift: Refer a friend to book a car online and enjoy up to 5999 yuan double-door refrigerator reward.

The BJ30 has more “eldest brother” BJ40 true transmission in cross-country ability, with a length, width and height of 4505mm, 1855mm, 1710mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2675mm.

“215mm large ground clearance, 22°/26° approach/departure angle”, with a set of hard core passability data, enough to stand out from peers.

Activity time

January 2, 2022 to January 2, 2022