The old man of Hezhou was praised for his cute ugly buyer show This is what it should be like in old age

Entering old age is a process that everyone goes through. However, on the way to getting old, some people live tired and old; Some people live lonely and helplessly sad; Someone lives easily and ages cutely.

Recently, a group of cute old photos has been circulating in the Weibo circle of friends: two old people in Hezhou in their early 70s wearing lipstick and squeezing their eyebrows to take funny selfies. It is understood that this is an old man in Hezhou who bought lipstick for his wife online, because he heard that the seller said that he could get 10 yuan cashback by posting a good picture, so he took this set of photos with his grandmother and uploaded them to Taobao, and was screenshotted by the seller and sent to the circle of friends and Weibo, which triggered a large number of netizens to reprint. In the photo, the smiles of grandpa and grandma are very bright, although the wife has gray hair, but because of the company of his lover, he still has a girlish liveliness and cuteness.

Netizens who saw the photos said: “Grandparents are so loving”, “This is the happiest look of love”, “I envy such a later life”.

In fact, it is not uncommon for grandparents in their old age to live happily in Hezhou, known as the “world’s longevity city”. Due to the unique advantages of various ecological and environmental factors, the elderly in Hezhou not only generally live a long life, but also are relatively healthy, even if they are more than 100 years old, they can still go up and down the mountain to work. Because of this, in the days of longevity, they are not lonely or empty, they not only have the company of children and grandchildren, but also can dance square dancing and sports with their wives, and do a lot of things they want to do together, so the old people are content and enjoy. This may be the reason why the two elderly people in the news chose to retire and care for the elderly in Hezhou. Relying on the old and sharing the world, such a state is what the old people should look like in their old age.

However, the phrase “this is what old age should look like” does not know how many people in society have hit the pain points.

The movie “Flying Over the Old People’s Home” Lao Ge said a particularly poignant line: “Old, old, I don’t even have a bed of my own, my wife is gone, the family belongs to someone else, my own biological son, after all these years still remember to hate me, don’t even give me a chance to make amends, I now feel that I am a homeless person with no way out, what do you mean by saying I am alive.” The depressed picture created by this line is a problem that cannot be ignored in reality.

Some people may say that raising an elderly person costs a lot, recuperation expenses, medical expenses, nursing costs… There are so many places to spend money, it is not easy to try to avoid misfortune for the elderly, and “happy old age” is too luxurious for some people. I am not convinced by this, there is a place, economic development may not be as good as the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but every old man here lives what people call “happy old age”, this place is the pension residence of the two elderly people in their 70s who will also buy online and show their show – Hezhou.

It is said that “it is difficult to find a thousand-year-old tree in the mountains, and it is difficult to find a hundred-year-old person in the world”, this old saying can be described as a slap in the face in Hezhou. Hezhou now has a total of 458 centenarians, accounting for 19.1/100,000 of the total population, making it the first longevity city in China and a veritable “world longevity city”. And it is precisely because of Hezhou’s “wealth” that so many elderly people can enjoy their old age at the same time. I’m not kidding you, Hezhou is really rich.

Hezhou’s atmospheric environment is of excellent quality, rich in negative oxygen ions, is the best natural oxygen bar, fresh air, for the elderly to bring the most pleasant breathing. Hezhou’s water is of ultra-high quality, rich in a variety of essential trace elements and mineral nutrients, supplementing the elements needed by the human body for the elderly. Even the soil in Hezhou is different from others, the selenium content in the soil reaches a high (rich) selenium grade (≥0.4mg/kg), especially found that the hair of the centenarians in Hezhou has a high content of copper, iron, selenium, zinc and other essential trace elements, and contains trace rare earth elements. In this blessed environment, it is difficult for you to live a long and healthy life.

Of course, the elderly is not just a family problem, how to make all the elderly “old age” needs the attention of the whole society. In the absence of conditions for children who cannot be taken care of nearby, it is particularly important to choose a pension institution. In terms of high-quality pension industrialization, Hezhou has made a positive example image for China’s social pension.

In addition to relying on high-quality, rich and unique natural ecological environment and resources, combined with local resource endowments and industrial foundations, and striving to build the “ecological Hezhou Longevity Resort” healthy elderly care brand, it has also continuously developed and improved the real estate of the health care and elderly care industry, developed well-functioning elderly care service products, built a support network for the elderly service, and established a healthy old age brand image of “happy old age, in Hezhou”. Hezhou is bound to become a well-known health resort in China.

I hope that every old person can have something to support and rely on, and I hope that when we are old, we can be like the old people in Hezhou, accompanied by children and grandchildren, and can live healthily, live a long life and live happily!