A brief understanding of the “health scale”

In modern society, health issues have attracted much attention, and the concept of always paying attention to changes in one’s physical health has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. And weight is an important indicator to show people’s physical health barometer, plus there are many girls who love beauty in order to achieve their weight loss plan, make their body slimmer, so simply prepare a health scale at home, so that you always pay attention to your weight changes, lose weight is more motivated; In other words, only when you are full do you have the strength to lose weight.

Health scale is a classification of the use function of the scale, good quality and low price, it can help people effectively understand their weight changes, new products can also detect their fat content, and there are some humanized auxiliary functions.

Health scale classification

Electronic health scales

The electronic health scale has a high-precision load cell, so it is more sensitive, the accuracy is relatively high, and the built-in pressure switch can be automatically weighed without turning on and off, and quickly set zero

Mechanical health scales

Mechanical health scales are more fashionable and durable. Its core devices are springs, levers and other structures, so the weighing accuracy is not as good as that of electronic health scales.

Essentials for electronic scale purchase


At present, there are two main shapes of electronic scales sold on the market: one is round and the other is square. Under the same size, the square area is much larger than the circular area, so when weighing the human body standing on it, the square electronic scale is more comfortable, stable, and can stand more than the round one.

Accuracy and load-bearing range

How the accuracy of the electronic scale is related to whether the measured weight is accurate enough, inferior electronic scales are often only accurate to integer digits, while good quality health scales can generally be accurate to 0.1kg. In addition, because there are many obese people who buy human electronic scales, we must also consider the weight-bearing range of electronic scales when purchasing.

Degree of intelligence

The intelligence of the electronic scale has a great impact on the convenience of use and the durability of the battery. Good quality electronic scale adopts intelligent weighing design, no need to switch, when the human body stands on the electronic scale, the electronic scale will automatically turn on and weigh, after not using for a few seconds, but also to achieve automatic shutdown, very convenient and durable.

Smart scales with the ability to be intelligent

Compared to traditional scales, smart scales can help users record and detect weight, and the data is synchronized with health analysis software. In addition to weight, the smart scale can also detect the body’s fat content, muscle density, bone mass, and other values. One of the most popular is the BMI (Body Mass Index).

BMI value is a statistical tool used in public health research, which is a number obtained by dividing the number of kilograms of weight by the square of meters of height, and is currently a standard commonly used internationally to measure the degree of fat and thinness of the human body and whether it is healthy. BMI mainly reflects overall weight and overall nutritional status, which is used as an indicator to measure obesity.

Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) ÷ height (m)^2


At present, the smart scale measurement data on the market is synchronized to the smartphone through the App software, supports Wi-Fi or Bluetooth data connection, and can view the weight index curve for a period of time at any time, but it should be noted that the smart scale App software is not exactly the same.

How to use the health scale

1. Before weighing, put the scale on the hard and flat ground, in order to avoid affecting the accuracy of weighing, please do not place the scale on carpet, soft ground or inclined ground;

2. When weighing, first press the panel with your hand, display 0.0 and then weigh, the human body stands evenly on the scale surface, maintain body balance, and display the current weight value after the screen value is stable;

3. After weighing, place the scale in a corner that is not easy to step on, so as not to accidentally step on slipping.

The health scale can monitor our health status at any time and find some small health problems in time. However, health needs to be maintained by oneself, with the reminder of the health scale, we must be more strict with ourselves and maintain good health habits, otherwise, no matter how good the health scale is, you can’t make yourself healthy. Therefore, it is still necessary to exercise more, reasonably adjust the diet structure, health first, said that it is only an auxiliary observation tool, can not solve health problems.

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