Wang Yuan was invited to participate in Paris Fashion Week, an 18-year-old boy with a white shirt and jeans full of vitality

On March 2, Wang Yuan was invited by Givenchy to leave Paris Fashion Week for autumn/winter 2018. Wang Yuan appeared at the airport in a Givenchy Spring/Summer denim suit, Givenchy Bluetail white shoes and a white Givenchy backpack to start his first trip to Paris Fashion Week and visit the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2018 collection launch event. The denim suit shows the vitality of the youth, the warm sun contrasts with the warm temperament, and today’s Givenchy boy Wang Yuan is still warm and bright and handsome!

As a fashion brand from France, Givenchy has always adhered to the brand characteristics of beauty, simplicity and elegance, full of classic, noble and fashionable brand style, initially with perfume as the main product, and then began to gradually get involved in skin care, makeup and other fields. Since its inception in 1952, the brand has maintained its “elegant style” and has become almost synonymous with “elegance” in the fashion industry.

Givenchy, known in the fashion industry for its luxurious and elegant product style, has always been a leader in the fashion industry. Givenchy’s 4G logo represents Genteel, Grace, Gaiety and Givenchy, which is the spirit of the brand when French design master Hubert de Givenchy founded Givenchy. Today, despite different designers, Givenchy’s 4G spirit has not changed. Hearty and modest, combined with the romantic affection of the French, Givenchy earned him the reputation of “the gentleman of clothing”.

Prior to this, Roy Wang had already had several amazing collaborations with Givenchy. Whether it is the special customization of Givenchy worn by Wang Yuan X-Roy.17th birthday party, or the Givenchy 2018 spring/summer series of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2018, etc., Wang Yuan and Givenchy have their own unique trend factors and have collided with breathtaking fashion sparks many times.

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018, the wonderful encounter between Givenchy boys and the romantic city, let us look forward to more surprises brought to us by the seventeen-year-old Wang Yuan!

(Source: Wang Yuan Support Association News Group)