City Man The security of the autumn commute is all given by the “trench coat”


The security of the autumn commute is

Trench coat

Given, I believe that the vast majority of men will not refute it.

The lightweight and comfortable wearing experience ensures that it does not put too much burden on our bodies, but at the same time it protects our daily commute during the changeable autumn weather with excellent wind protection and storage performance.

In recent years, thanks to everyone’s focus on lifestyle, the popularity of City Boy, Urban Outdoor and other trends has also prompted more and more brands to explore more styling possibilities for trench coats when commuting to the city, so that outdoor functional clothing has become a sweet potato for trendy players.

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But then again,

In fact, before Urban Outdoor became popular, trench coats and jackets were already an indispensable item in men’s daily wardrobes

Like the recent

men’s FUDGE

In the October issue, different brands of trench coats were used to interpret the autumn “Clean Boy” look, even if the consistent classic style continues, the layers and colors are not complicated, but the final effect is still full of style.

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Today, I have specially selected some short/long trench coats from several brands that have both beauty and functionality to share with you, and they can give you the security you need in the autumn commute.



nonnative x GRAMICCI

Considering that urban commuting scenarios need to have a relatively high fault tolerance pairing, I believe that the Japanese brand focuses on simplicity


It will suit the tastes of most City Man people.

Nonnative, helmed by Takashiyuki Fujii, has made a lot of moves this year, launching a joint series with old friends GRAMICCI and Converse, and recently his 40th series “


” also ushered in the release.

European outdoor scene of the 80-90s of the last century

It became the inspiration for the nonnative color scheme this season, adding color tones such as teal and taupe, and of course, the iconic navy blue is still online.

Like this one


The setting of the fabric

trooper coat

, it with a military uniform kernel

The navy blue is more suitable for commuting scenes

The clean, mid-length fit echoes the sophistication the brand’s pursuit, even with some delicate knitted underwear.

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In addition, Nonnative also has a number of softshell trench coats worth paying attention to, the following one

High neck zip jacket

Just use different fabrics for autumn and winter,

The fabric is more wind-resistant, and its tear resistance also gives it excellent durability; As for

Twill cotton version

‘s comfort will be improved, and the check pattern will easily unlock the sense of style.

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, It is estimated that friends who like Urban Outdoor will not be unfamiliar with this brand.

Born as the head of the design team of outdoor fashion brand White Mountaineering

Hisadai Fujisaki

Adhering to the principle of practicality without sacrificing beauty, we have incorporated Japanese style into functional clothing.

In addition to being good at amplifying the versatility of outdoor, tooling, military and other styles with modular design,

Distinguish the color scheme of the dull color of traditional outdoor functions

It is also one of the design highlights of the brand.

Like this season’s

Dark blue rowing jacket

It is very close to my heart, higher saturation is easier to control than light blue, but it has the vitality that dark blue lacks, and it is effortless to match dark clothes.


RETURNING TO THE HARDWARE, MEANSWHILE’S PRODUCTION IS ALSO AS GOOD AS EVER. This rowing jacket features a high neck to match

Concealed misplaced placket

Fill up the wind protection. And the central one at the waist

Mesh pockets

Retains the original sporty feel of outdoor clothing, in a nylon/polyester blend

Ripstop ripstop fabric

It has a retro atmosphere against the background.

It is worth mentioning that MEANSWHILE also launched a shirt jacket and slacks with the same configuration, of which the shirt jacket is modeled on the unpopular Bulgarian army pajamas, and the back-type belt can make the clothes carry like a backpack, while the contrast knot + button opening and closing design is also quite eye-catching.



Graphpaper 21AW

Previously, when introducing functional suits, this treasure brand that also focuses on simple design can no longer be hidden, and today I simply want to plate its long trench coat.

This year’s Graphpaper’s fall/winter collection is still a familiar industrial-style formula

Bauhaus architectural style


Marcel Breuer

The work is inspired, from restrained and composed

Stony gray

The main tone starts rendering”


(Modernism)” theme atmosphere.

And this time planted grass

Garment Dyed Shop Coat

It also reflects the brand’s implementation of “Less is more”, which is basically a plain one-tone design, but through

High-pressure staining

After the blessing of the process, three-dimensional

Pleated effect

It still gives the trench coat a nice sense of detail, making it more relaxed and casual than classic models like Trench Coat.

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Wear yours with shirts, knits, sweatshirts and more, or layer them as Overcoat with some jackets when the weather is colder.

On the other hand, sometimes instead of layering to create layers, it may be as easy to surprise as choosing a recognizable collar.

For example, this season’s high-pressure dyed trench coat is available in two styles, one with the other

Double-breasted deduction of green fruit collar


Belt Coat of the Ulster collar

In terms of warmth, the double-breasted model is undoubtedly better, but the belt model has a unique lazy flavor, you can choose according to your needs.




When it comes to Urban Outdoor, many trendygoers will first think of the hot DAIWA PIER 39, but they don’t know that another niche outdoor star has risen.

Although it is said here


It is a “new star”, but it is actually an old American outdoor brand with more than a hundred years of heritage, but it was forgotten by the times in the later period due to outdated designs.

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Thanks to Japanese vintage shops



Makoto Okuya

After 15 years of taking over, he quickly combined the local culture of Japan and designed the brand

The switch from the traditional outdoor route to the current aesthetic Urban Outdoor style became popular.

Like this one below

Waterproof nylon haori

In addition to adjusting the proportion of sleeve length, the designer deliberately set pockets on the cuffs according to the previous use of kimono, so that even if you raise your hand, you are not afraid of the contents falling out; The fastening method of the Fidlock magnetic closure increases the sense of functionality and is more convenient than laceing.


Yes, it is this familiar plot again, after foreign brands enter the Japanese market, they blend with local culture and derive a unique form, and successfully feed back the brand, which shows that Japan can be called a rejuvenation blessed place for old brands.

Today, COMFY OUTDOOR GARMENTS has focused its design on urban commuting considerations, providing fabrics, silhouettes and functional improvements that fit the modern aesthetic, and believe that it can also satisfy the spirit of most City Man yearning for outdoor adventure.

Its home waterproof


Unlike other traditional trench coats, the front and back length are cut and the sides are also equipped with side zippers that facilitate the internal pockets of the hand, which some people may think will discount the warmth effect, but from the perspective of collocation, it does help to enhance the layering of the commuting style.

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The portability of traditional trench coats has also been improved, and the clothes can be packed in a zipper when stored, and finally packed into a large pocket on the side waist.

Today, outdoor functional clothing has long been rid of the stereotype of not being used. Whether it’s for professional outdoor scenes or based on the boundary between urban commuting and outdoor activities, many brands have created functional clothing that is both beautiful and practical, and trench coats are just that.

So if you also want to find the security you need for your autumn commute in terms of clothing matching and practicality, it will never disappoint you.




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