Video | The child slipped in the bath and his calves were stuck in the toilet

Source: Jiangxi Daily – Jiangxi News Client

Jiangnan Metropolis News Huang Yu and all-media reporter Hu Qin photo report: At 18:11 on July 15, the Wanzai County Fire Rescue Brigade received an alarm that a child’s lower leg in the Sanxing Middle School near Sanxing Middle School in Sanxing Town, Wanzai County was stuck in the toilet pit and could not be taken out, requesting rescue. After receiving the police, the Wanzai County Fire Rescue Brigade immediately organized rescue forces to rush to the scene.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found that the child’s left foot was stuck in the squatting toilet drain and could not be removed. Upon questioning the parents, the child accidentally stepped on the ground because the water on the ground was too slippery during bathing, resulting in the emptiness under his feet. After understanding the situation, firefighters quickly launched a rescue.

“Pliers, hydraulic shears, crowbars.” In the hot weather, the sweat beads on the heads of firefighters continue to drip down, in order to ensure the safety of the trapped children, it is necessary to break down the pit little by little under safe conditions. “Don’t be afraid, little friend, brother will rescue you immediately.” Firefighters comforted the trapped children while carefully handling the pit, and finally succeeded in rescuing the child after an hour of intense rescue, and advised parents to take the child to the hospital for examination to avoid leaving patients behind.

The fire department reminds parents that children should be accompanied by guardians when they go to the bathroom to prevent similar safety accidents.

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