Missing highlights in winter looks? Exaggerated accessories will make your eyes shine, and the matching template for hipsters is worth learning

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Many girls love to buy clothes, jewelry may not be so important, jewelry seems to be a small thing, can play a big role. Why not take a look at the world of jewelry with the editor, maybe it can open yours

Trendy new doors.

Jewelry is essential in people’s daily lives, and some people do not pay so much attention to jewelry, which also leads to you going out to wear gorgeous clothes and look a little

Dissatisfied place

, especially if the winter look lacks highlights? Exaggerated accessories make you

Eyes lit up

, the matching template for hipsters is worth learning.

Classification and matching of accessories

Hair accessories




The diamond-encrusted headband says goodbye to the past

Monotonous style

, set diamonds or pearls on the headband, decorated with a headband, wearing it is very age-reducing, looking

It was lovely.

The gentle and atmospheric temperament is displayed at a glance.

If you attend the party, this style of headband and evening dress looks simply beautiful, you are the most beautiful in the whole party

Sparkling people.

2) Headband

Cool girls with headbands are simply handsome, if you are a cool cover style girl must try headbands, hairbands with broken flowers,

Stylish and not monotonous

If you wear one

Very cool drag

, with a headband, is simply the finishing touch to this outfit. You are on this street

The coolest kid.

3) Hairpin


Girls must have their own hairpins, they must be able to use them! If you don’t like monotony

simple style,

Then give it a try

Letter hairpins


Very versatile

, you can pin it to your ear or tie your hair half-tied behind your head, wherever you put it

Very good looking



The simple style must be a style that many girls like, and this accessory looks very good

Simple and clean,

Give a kind

Very pleasant


There are also many ways to wear simple hairpins, mainly according to you

Hairstyle to set

, if you like to disperse,

Clipped to the ear

Also very good choice, either

Gentle and atmospheric,

The gentle temperament immediately rose.


Long earrings

This long version of the earrings is very good

Face contouring,

It can visually appear two short circles of the face, and it will also lengthen the length of the neck, and the proud neck curve is impressive

Very envious

The same goes for the wearing of such earrings

Very picky occasion

Yes, it usually looks very strange to wear. If you’re attending an evening, it’s perfectly fine to wear an evening gown. Evening dress is recommended to choose Yes

Expose the neck

You can also wear a stylish suit, and it will look awe-inspiring

Very powerful

, the temperament of the whole person immediately rose.


Earrings are a very popular earring, and many girls like to wear them

Small earrings

, neither single nor single

Less obtrusive.


Varies in size

, mainly depends on personal preferences, the headband that cool girls like to wear in front, with large earrings is simple

It’s so cool

Relatively large earrings will too

, will appear face

The sense of line is relatively strong

。 Girls with round faces should try the large earrings.

Other styles of earrings

There are really many styles of earrings, if you are a girl who does not like the popular style, you may wish to try it

Special style

Exaggerated earrings are very good

Have personality

Wearing such earrings, you are definitely the focus of everyone’s eyes, and everyone’s eyes will be attracted to you at parties or events.

Neck accessories


Suddenly there was a year

Collar fire

, I believe that many girls have hoarded collars, collars are very sexy, you can wear them

Defining the neck line,

The superior neck is simply too tempting.

Wearing a collar is recommended not to wear casual clothing, yes

Wear it with a skirt


More formal

of clothes, so it was perfect.

Double set of chains

Double set chain, as the name suggests, has

Necklace with two chains

, double set chains are generally very casual and versatile, suitable for various occasions.

The double chain is also worn in daily life

Very suitable

Yes, such a versatile necklace you deserve to buy. Such a necklace can

Elongate the line of the neck

, can increase the aura and

The beauty of the neck

Thick necklace

The thick necklace is simply a must-have item for hipsters, it looks very heavy and difficult to match, but in fact, it is

Very versatile

of one.

It can be paired with sportswear or with it

A minimalist dress

, it doesn’t look that heavy when matched, on the contrary

The sense of fashion is multiplied.

Large pendant model

Large pendant models are rarely seen in normal times, because this style of necklace is not so easy to handle, if you own this one

Large pendant

of necklaces, match it for sure

Be cautious.

The large pendant is very eye-catching, and the editors can match it

Deep V shirt

, can also be worn with a skirt with a deep V-neck, evening dress.

Everyday model

The everyday model is very

No matter what occasion you are, no matter where you are doing something, this one can be matched.

Everyday necklace as

Accessories for the whole body,

Can fully support a girl’s temperament, this necklace can replace other necklaces in daily wear, look yours

The neck is not so empty.

So if you want to be fashionable for the winter, you still lack an exaggerated accessory,

Learn tricks to grab the spotlight easily

, jewelry in everyday styling too

Very important

Don’t think it doesn’t matter if there is or not. The smart girl has secretly written it down, and turn into a beautiful girl and learn quickly.

What else do you know about accessories? Let’s talk in the comments section.

Letter hairpins


Very versatile



Face contouring,