How does a single-lap bracelet match for a premium? Look at these 50 pictures

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In the last issue, Pi 9 sister said monkey head walnuts, and at the end of the article, she collected about the collocation of single-circle hand strings.

Compared with the 108 hand string, the matching of the single-circle bracelet is much more casual, it is mainly to meet the needs of daily wear, so there are only two standards: good looking and practical.

In the past few days, the Pi 9 sister has also collected a lot of pan friends single-circle hand string matches. Next time you don’t know how to match the lap, you can turn it out to find inspiration~

1. Small spacer, can be the finishing touch

The spacer, in the single-lap hand string matching, is definitely a versatile weapon.

It can not only protect the seeds from wear, but also play a finishing touch in the matching skewers.

The spacer often appears with other beads, so that it will not rob the brilliance of the beads, and it can also do enough work in the details.


Gold spacers, more popular in recent years. Although small, it can look very delicate in the matching string.

Pan friends @n €w.1hop€

If it is a jade-type spacer, it can be used alone. The color matching will give you an unexpected surprise. Even, a string, only one spacer, is enough.

Panyou @ Lulutong

The spacer also has many uses, such as making a Buddha head

, the main body is easy to wear with a bungee rope, and at the partition, you can also connect a non-elastic rope, you can tie a beautiful knot, tassel, disciple beads, you can choose.

Pan You @sunne

Panyou @Jijia doll

A bead, so match

The simplest and most common combination of single turns is to match a single bead, which can be smooth or contrasting.

Generally, the matching beads, slightly larger than the main bead size, or similar, can be.

Let’s take a look at the effect ⬇️ of matching colors below

Match the color. Panyou @Jijia doll

Panyou @ Rough Brother

If you want to come up with a color contrast effect, then the versatile turquoise

, definitely preferred. Whether it is the plain beads before the game or the red slurry after the game, with turquoise, it is absolutely incredible.

Bead type is not picked, you can choose plain beads, you can also choose carved beads or other bead types, all have different charms.

Pan friend @ Dora A

Even if the bracelet of the same color is different, the accessories are different colors, and the effect of the accessories produced is different. For example, the same black bead string, then with southern red and beeswax, have different effects ⬇️

Pan You @Wong


In fact, there are many ways to match single beads, as long as you dare to think about it, the matching hand string is still good-looking.

Panyou @ Huli

Multiple beads, divided into primary and secondary ones

If there is no bad accessory, then in the single circle matching, you can play to your heart’s content, you can have 2 matching beads, 3 matching beads, or even 4 matching beads.

Either way, it is recommended to divide the main and secondary in the accessories

Pan friend @ doll



Multi-bead pairing, can be fully followed

The principle of asymmetry

, adding spacers or other details, is another charm.

If it is 3 matching beads, it can be completely close together. Classic traffic lights, absolutely right, other color matching can also be tried ~

If you want to match 4 matching beads, or more, then Pi 9 sister is still quite recommended

Try to control it in 3 colors

。 Like the picture below, even if there are 4 matching beads, but the color of the 2 materials is figured out, it will not feel abrupt ⬇️

Pan friend @ lonely elephant mussel

More small accessories, more refined

If you want a single-turn bracelet, it is exquisite,

Then add some small objects

, you can definitely take the temperament to death. For example, cards, running rings, some small brands.

It can appear alone or in combination with other beads, and can be placed in different positions on the bracelet.

For example, snap rings ⬇️

Panyou @ Brother Huzi

Panyou @ Not Messing with the Heart (Bai Hao)

It is also possible to make a small side hanging ⬇️

The trot ring, the effect is also good ⬇️

Panyou @ Hu Xian

If you want to have a sense of ritual, it is recommended to have a Buddha head

If a single-circle bracelet is the most ceremonial match, then the Buddha head style matching is still very recommended, and the charm of this shape can be seen from the eighteen hand strings left by the ancestors.

The simplest is to add a top bead, if you want to be more delicate, you can add some details ⬇️

As for the Buddha head material, it can be the same material as the main bead, or other materials, contrast color smooth color depends on your favorite, if you want to come up with a little Tibetan feeling, old silver can consider it.


Pan friend @ Luoer

Pan You @Bobo

The form of the Buddha head can also be more varied, such as using carved beads to make the Buddha head, and the effect is also quite good.

For a simple and low-key approach, try tree seeds

If you like a rustic feeling, you can try the combination of tree seeds. This combination is vividly reflected in the phoenix eye, and the Buddha head can be used with unicorn eyes and dragon eyes.


If you want to be more personal, you can also slightly modify the bead shape of the Buddha’s head, or add some other details, which will also surprise you.

Other hand strings, such as peach pits, monkey heads and the like, can also try this way of collocation, not necessarily the same category, monkey heads with olive cores are also very good-looking ⬇️


Panfriend @raptor

Whether it is taking photos or matching bracelet, it is related to personal aesthetics.

Some people say that aesthetics are innate, but Sister Pi 9 feels that aesthetics can be nurtured, with no age limit and no gender limit. If you want to improve your aesthetics, you can try the following:

1⃣️ Look at more hand-string pictures.

Usually browse the Tieba network, feel that the good-looking can impress their own hand string matching, can be saved, put in their own album, establish their own aesthetic material library, can be divided into different categories, establish different albums, look more when there is nothing to do.

2⃣️What do you think specifically?

▪️ Look at the matching: the material of the bracelet, the bead type, size, color, and material of the accessories he used.

▪️ Look at the composition: the angle of the bracelet, the composition of the photo is diagonal, or the rule of thirds

▪️ Look at the hierarchy: what items are placed in the background in order to create the overall atmosphere. The front and back placement of these items.

▪️ Look at the light and shadow: warm light or white light used in the picture; The direction of the light source, whether it is backlight or positive light.

3⃣️ A lot to photography, to match

Some people say that their bracelets look good, but they just can’t take pictures, pick up the camera and take pictures, that’s your first step. Just like I don’t know how to match the bracelet well, then you can refer to the matching of others, and you can draw inferences from one to another in the later stage, and play freely~

Beauty is undefined. The matching of the same bracelet may be beautiful for others, but you just can’t get it; The same beer that others think is delicious, but they feel the same. The same thing that you think is good-looking, maybe others will not catch a cold.

Aesthetics is intuition, not intuition. Sister Pi 9 feels that the ultimate purpose of aesthetics is to make herself happy, and it is enough to look addicted.

Well, let’s talk about it today, you can post your own bracelet in the message area, and your bracelet may also appear in the article.










Pan friends @n €w.1hop€

Pan friends @n €w.1hop€

Pan friends @n €w.1hop€

Panyou @ Lulutong

Panyou @ Lulutong

Pan You @sunne

Panyou @ Rough Brother

Panyou @ Rough Brother

Pan friend @ Dora A



Panyou @ Not Messing with the Heart (Bai Hao)

Panyou @ Hu Xian