Autumn and winter men’s fashion essentials: small leggings, harem pants

In winter, the weather becomes cold, cotton clothes, down jackets, and tweed coats have become the mainstream of the fashion industry, after all, it is more important to be demeanor. But I believe that most people will not choose cotton pants and down pants, because it will be bloated to make you doubt your life in pursuit of fashion.

So in autumn and winter, what men’s pants are the most popular? Fashionable leggings and harem pants, of course. The favorite style of small legs with long legs, wrapping your legs thin and long, looking tall and thin. However, if the figure and leg shape are not dominant, it is not wise to choose small leg pants. But there is also a versatile pants that covers all leg shapes – Harlan pants, whether you are small and thick legs or fake crotch wide belly, Harlan pants can easily cover your body shortcomings. And the fleece design makes you fashionable and not freezing.

01 / Fashion leggings

Small leg pants can be said to be the first choice for many long-legged handsome guys, making your legs look thinner and longer, and appear tall. In the cold winter months, sweaters/sweatshirts + leggings + cotton jackets/down jackets/tweed coats, walking trends, leading street fashion.

02 / Versatile Harlan pants

For Harlan pants, many strong men must be no strangers. The design of Harlan pants with a small upper width and lower pants weakens the visual sense, and the legs are not so thick. Sweater/sweatshirt + Harlan pants + cotton jacket/down jacket, warm and stylish.

What are your good ideas for autumn and winter trend men’s pants, you can comment or pay attention to communication. Of course, for the majority of sellers, such popular pants, there is no need to say anything, hurry up and put it on the shelves.