South Korea’s sold out of stock Internet celebrity mask, let the skin drink water, nourish water light skin

Speaking of the mask that is popular in South Korea this year, it is not JM propolis mask.

Such a hot mask cannot be missed.

Oh, this is it

JMsolution Water Light Propolis Mask,

It contains natural propolis and royal jelly, which are mainly hydrating, anti-wrinkle and enhance skin elasticity.

After applying, most of the dry fine lines on the face will disappear, and the skin will feel as smooth and moist as a shelled egg.

Ideal for dry, rough, dull skin.

JM Korea Store & Counter

This mask is developed by a beauty hospital in South Korea, belongs to the beauty salon line products, and has been recommended by many skin care experts, and “one pass ten, ten pass hundred” has become popular, and major duty-free shops in South Korea have entered.

Its production plant is also very famous, which is exclusively produced by Cosmax, the world’s first and world’s top ten giant production factory, Cosmax is specially produced for Lancome, Shu Uemura and other big brands, known as “Foxconn in the cosmetics industry”.

Mask paper as thin as a cicada’s wing

JM mask is super hydrating and clear, and there are many praises on the Internet, casually searching, are praised:

“When I apply it, I feel that the face is particularly soft, watery, and comfortable, and the SPA is the same comfortable feeling, and it is particularly easy to absorb, refreshing and not sticky, so suitable for summer.”

JMsolution Water Light Propolis Mask comes in two boxes, each box of 10 tablets, now available in the Summer Premium Restaurant

Limited time special price ¥124/2 boxes (Daily sales price ¥196/2 boxes)

Offer ends August 21 at 23:59

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The main ingredients of JM Aqua Propolis Mask are extracts of Amazon Green Propolis, Penicillin Propolis and Royal Jelly, and polypeptides such as hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and hexapeptide are also added.

The molecules of hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid are very small, which is easily absorbed by the skin, and the moisturizing effect is obvious;

The effect of hexapeptide is to lift and tighten and improve skin laxity.

Each mask has a full 30ml of serum, which is refreshing and non-sticky on the face (the oil skin feels that it is very refreshing), and the remaining essence can also be applied to the neck and hands after application.

Image from netizen @Duhammerhammer

My favorite mask paper is soft and skin-friendly, almost transparent, and the upper face is light and unburdened.

The fit is exceptional

, it will not wrinkle on the face, even if you talk, chat, laugh when you apply it, it will be suitable for personal testing, and it will not affect the effect.

And this mask is particularly cost-effective, more than 100 yuan can buy 20 pieces, every day is not distressed.

In addition to the watery propolis mask, also put this one

JM Ocean Pearl Mask

Recommended for you, it focuses on whitening and hydration.

It contains collagen extracted from marine life, pearl extract, and beauty ingredients such as kelp and seaweed extract.

While hydrating the skin, these ingredients can quickly whiten and brighten the complexion, resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

Each mask also comes with 1.5ml serum and 1.5ml of all-effect eye cream (circled in the picture),

First apply the essence, then apply the mask, and finally apply the eye cream, the skin care is in place in one step, especially suitable for lazy people.

Now when traveling for business or something, I will bring it, which is especially trouble-free and very convenient.

The mask paper is made of Tencel cupraine fiber, which is also very light and thin, with excellent softness and fit, and full of elasticity, which can be wrapped in any face shape.

JMsolution Ocean Pearl Mask comes in two boxes, each box of 10 tablets, and is now available in the Summer Premium Pavilion


It is said that buying, buying, buying can decompress! Try it!


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