Zhang Ziyi surfed miserably… Intimate swimsuit leaks “real body”! The 43-year-old state network praised

Reporter Guo Caiying/Comprehensive report

Mainland actress Zhang Ziyi opened up global popularity because of the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, strong strength and temperament appearance, deeply loved by fans, and also pays great attention to body management in private, and is still well maintained at the age of 43. From time to time, she shares her life through the community, and recently went to experience wake surfing (speedboat surfing), as a novice, it seems that she can’t catch the trick, she often falls into the water, and her tight swimsuit also makes her real body fully visible.

Zhang Ziyi has a good look, and her appearance has not changed much from the past. (Photo/Flip Weibo/Zhang Ziyi)

Zhang Ziyi updated her Douyin account a few days ago, shared a short video of herself going to play wake surfing, tried to get up under the guidance of the coach, unexpectedly she has not caught the trick, a lack of core strength, a change of hands is not relaxed enough, several times directly fell into the water, after some efforts, finally succeeded, the proud look on the face can not be hidden, smiled and said: “The beautiful moments you see, often experienced N falls.” There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to wrestle.”

Zhang Ziyi plays surfing. (Photo/Photo by Zhang Ziyi Douyin)

After the video was exposed, Zhang Ziyi’s courage made netizens super admired, especially noticeable is that she is wearing a close-fitting swimsuit, a pair of slender beautiful legs are quite eye-catching, the small face of the palm is delicate, the complexion is good, the state is very good, netizens have left messages “long hands and feet, good figure, bone appearance is too good”, “facial features are really good-looking”, “God, this face is too small”, “look good when laughing”, “I feel that she is so herself, everything can be done”.