When love comes, remember to say yes

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Text | Cai wants

In 2013, all my fantasies about love ended in reality.

I think that there will be no adventures, romance is dead, my future should be a stagnant water, there will be no soulmates from high mountains and rivers, and there will be no knights who will accompany me through thousands of mountains and rivers.

It’s just that I’m still a storyteller, and I’ve written so many romantic stories, whether it’s the Magpie Bridge Club or the Tree-under Alliance, all of a sudden they’re far away from me. I packed up all my fantasies about love and became a person without luxury.

I wasn’t moaning without illness, on the contrary, I was really sick at that time, and although there was a great hope of cure, it still gave me a heavy blow.

I always go to bed at the end of treatment and think, why is it me? I still have so many dreams about love and glory that I have not done, and so many stories about fantasy and the future that I have not written myself.

This sudden illness could only make me sit at home with a bald head and wide pajamas, far from all love and fantasy.

During that time, I was afraid to look in the mirror, and I really didn’t dare to compliment my appearance without hair, plus because of the treatment, my sallow face was not beautiful. It happened to be winter again, and the cold interior in the south always felt that the wind was blowing through the hall and the scalp hurt.

I bought a soft hat on Taobao with a small wool felt flower sewn on it, and I gently stroked the flower every day before going to bed, so that I could also give birth to a little more courage out of thin air. I think I still have to write stories and can’t give up because I’m sick.

During that time, in addition to going to the hospital, I wrote some imaginative love stories on the Internet when I had time, writing all my fears and hopes about love and the future. Writing and writing, it seems that the previous frustration has also disappeared a lot, and slowly some friends will come to see, which is very encouraging.

Later, I thought, thanks to me starting to write again, otherwise I really don’t know how to survive that lonely and difficult time.

One day I posted a little story about a girl who had schizophrenia and couldn’t tell whether she was in sweet love or a cruel reality. Two days after posting, a netizen left me a message saying, I like your story very much, and I also wrote one from the perspective of the male protagonist, I hope you like it.

Ha! And this kind of thing. I clicked in to see that the female protagonist was well protected by the male protagonist in this perspective, in a way that the female protagonist did not know. Finally he wrote: I gently say to you, I will take care of you if there is anything.

I was a little touched by the fact that my little mind seemed to be seen through by a stranger. But that’s how it passed, and I continued to write a little story to comfort myself when I had the energy.

I don’t think anything will change in life.

One morning I woke up on a website where I often wrote and saw a private message lying in my inbox. It’s the netizen who wrote the story with me. He said, hey, hello, I like you a lot, how do you feel about being your boyfriend?

I was naturally stunned. However, a strong intuition told me that this lovely boy was a very good person. I’ve never done anything so crazy, but this time I wanted to try. I thought for a moment and replied, “Okay!”

I thought, things can’t get worse, why don’t I do something that trusts my instincts?

This person should be baby-faced, wearing glasses, and smiling warmly, he must be a good object, I insist on my sixth sense. He was also stunned, he said that he had never thought that such a headless confession could be exchanged for the consent of the other party.

When we get busy, we need to quickly introduce ourselves, quickly exchange photos, and quickly explain our not too long life to each other. I told him a little apprehensively that I was sick and a little bald head, and he said nonchalantly, so what, you are so cute.

I laughed in front of the computer, but I was still uneasy about this relationship that could see the light and die, after all, this kind of romantic looking online relationship, the devil knows what the outcome will be? Plus I’m still sick, and what qualifications do I have to ask for the future.

I laughed at myself: I’m a little bald head, if we kiss, will you laugh?

He replied to me squarely: I will endure it, after all, it is my chosen girlfriend, and I have to kiss it when I smile!

I finally laughed again, and for the first time since I got sick, I had a vague expectation of love. That’s a great decision. But before I went to bed that night, I still felt a little lost when I looked in the mirror.

I am a small bald head, a patient who is temporarily powerless for any future. But I turned my head and thought, even if a healthy person is not something that can only be expected and cannot be controlled for the future? So I fell asleep happily and had a pretty good dream. I thought, what if I’m the lucky guy.

When I got up the next day, he sent me a message saying, “Hey, I’ve come to see you from Beijing, open the door.”

What the!

I jumped out of my dream. I didn’t wash my face or dress up, I didn’t have a nice dress in my closet, I just woke up, my eyes were blinded, and I didn’t even brush my teeth. He was standing in front of my house, as I had imagined, with a baby face, glasses, and a nice smile.

He said, hello, want. I said, hello, boyfriend.

I took him to my elementary and middle school to eat rice noodles at the intersection, and the familiar feeling was as if we had known each other for a hundred years. He asked me cautiously: Do you want to go to Beijing with me? I want to be by your side as you are in your story, whether you are asleep or awake.

Without hesitation, I said again, “Okay.”

Sure enough, luck is that good.

So, the next story, like every couple in love, goes with the flow, and any little little happiness is enough to be happy for days.

When we were lying down watching a movie together, he would suddenly press me under the covers and cover me with a bad smile, and then say with a bad smile that I had a very smelly fart.

When kissing, he would suddenly stop and look at me and laugh, and I touched it in panic, it turned out that my wig was crooked, what an embarrassing scene. But he took off my wig without care, touched the that I had just grown short hair and said, this is also very good-looking, otherwise I don’t wear a wig.

Because my body is still recovering, I am still resting at home. He was actually quite busy at work, and he was far from where he lived, and many times we couldn’t eat a meal together all day. So I made a great decision to get up early every day and make him breakfast, so that no matter what, we would have at least one meal a day.

In this way, I began to think about breaking my head every day and making us a different breakfast. Wonton dumplings, pancake noodles, bread and milk, change the pattern and combination. Sometimes he eats with a smile on his face, and sometimes he has a bitter face just after eating the first bite.

But every morning, we finished breakfast together, and then I said to him when I went to work, see you in the evening. He would also hug me and say goodbye to me in the evening.

Because my body still had some sequelae left by the treatment at that time, I was afraid of catching a cold, my physique was also very weak, and sometimes I was inexplicably sore. Whenever this happens, I am afraid that such a self will appear very fragile and that he will feel troubled.

But every time he said to me, BB, you can be a good patient, who is not sick. I calmed down and believed that it was not my fault that I was sick, and I let him take care of me and love me.

The days got better day by day, and the next few checkups said that I was recovering very well. We raised cats and still loved each other so much, I often think that life really couldn’t be happier.

One day, we were lying on the sofa, and he suddenly said, yes, let’s get married! I looked back at his shining eyes and said again almost subconsciously, okay!

When we made this decision, we just felt that it was smooth sailing. Love is such an important thing, and what can be rare for us?

However, when he announced to his parents that we were going to get married, he was met with very unanimous opposition. The reason is actually very simple, that is, my body is not very healthy, which may be a great burden for him.

After he called home that day, he stood on the balcony and smoked for a long time, knowing that he usually rarely smokes, I think he must have been very distressed at that moment.

When he came in, I said softly that if we felt embarrassed, we wouldn’t have to plan our marriage so early. Although I said so, I still had some grievances in my heart, and I couldn’t hold it back, I secretly ran into the toilet and shed tears, and my eyes were swollen when I came out.

He stared at me for a long time, holding my hand, and although neither of us spoke, I knew that the temperature coming from his palm was giving me strength.

The next day we went to Beijing Zoo to see the pandas. It was a little bit windy that day, and he kept my hand in his coat pocket. I think that even such a cute animal as a panda can live to this day and be well protected by humans, and we have nothing to fear.

After I went back, I was busy cooking dinner. When he was busy in the kitchen, he suddenly rushed over and hugged me tightly, who was cutting potatoes, and asked in a low voice, “If you want it, are you not happy?” I turned away, looked into his eyes and asked very seriously, will you not love me because I am not in good health?

He shook his head vigorously, hugged me tightly, and said, shall we get married when everyone is not against it?

Okay, so do what you say.

Probably because people who love each other are always so lucky, things quickly turn around. Once, he made a long phone call home, and his dad, after listening to his firm words, finally nodded and acquiesced to our being together.

I said to him proudly, look, I just said we were lucky! He also excitedly took out his mobile phone to look at the calendar, and said let me see which day is the auspicious day of the zodiac, we can go and get the red book!

On the day of the marriage license, we had planned perfectly, first find a hairdressing shop to do a good hairstyle, and then change into the best clothes, he was going to wear a shirt, I was going to wear a red dress, and of course a beautiful makeup, so that the photo on the marriage certificate looked like a handsome man and a beautiful woman…

However, fantasy is beautiful, reality is cruel. After we finished breakfast, we found that the ambition just now was gone, and he asked carefully, or we would not toss it, let’s go and get the certificate. I nodded immediately, thinking of getting hair and makeup, and I lost my strength. So the two of us, who did not wash our faces and had oily corners of our mouths, just got into the car and went straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The process went exceptionally smoothly. There were very few people at the Civil Affairs Bureau that day, and we received our watches, took photos, submitted household registration certificates, and then heard the staff snap twice and stamp two big red seals on our marriage certificates.

So, we’re legal! Although the photo on the marriage certificate was miserable and ugly, the moment we came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, we still felt very excited, and I happily called him, husband! He also happily called me, wife! We shouted all the way so stupidly, as if we couldn’t shout enough.

What’s even more miraculous is that because of illness, I originally thought that it would be very difficult for me to get pregnant, but what I didn’t expect was that soon after marriage we had our own baby. After the examination, the baby is also healthy, and the doctor said that it can be considered for birth.

I was a little scared, after all, the child came too suddenly, and when I asked him, he said firmly, of course we have to give birth, this is our baby! I looked at him excitedly and said, “Well, you’re going to be a daddy!” He looked at me tenderly and said, well!

We made a big decision to leave Beijing and return to Xiamen after marriage. He said confidently that if you go to a place with a better environment, your health will be better. When the baby is born, we can push the stroller together and go for a walk by the beach, which is great.

We were still lucky to have found a job back in Xiamen before leaving Beijing, running what we loved with my best friend. I said to him in disbelief, before I met you, I never thought that my life would be like a story.

I’m so lucky.

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