How to make a two-year-old Tang cotton coat

It feels like I’m in a hurry to make clothes for my kids at this time of year

The baby is two years old, 83cm tall and weighs 12.5cm, and those who need a crop can check the previous article. It’s not verbose here.

The entire process of making clothes took 2.5 hours

Fabric: damask Libun: Cotton lining

Excipients: coil buckle rabbit hair strips

Cropped parts

The bottom seam of the sleeve is first stitched, and the wool strip of the cuff is fixed with the face cloth and then the lining is stitched. The sleeve mountain is fixed with the trace

The wool strip is first fixed on the top of the cloth (the front and rear pieces are fixed to the split separately)

Stitched with lining

Stitching at the placket

The shoulder surface is stitched separately

Upper collar

Upper sleeves, sleeves stitched with large body cloth

The sleeve lining is sealed with a hand stitch

The production process of this dress is the front piece, the back piece, the front placket, and the sleeve pieces are all sewn separately and then the lining is trimmed twice, so that the meeting is more suitable. The shoulder seam and sleeve bottom seam are sewn separately. The side seam is that the front piece is sandwiched between the back piece.

Because it was too hurried, the buckle was a finished product bought. If you like it, you can share the handmade method later

Finished drawing, how? Isn’t it quite cute, it’s still time to do it now

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