The public price is 40,000 2, and the omega seahorse is also “green”?

[Home of Watches Watch Technology] Omega’s new generation Seamaster 300 meters is definitely one of the hottest watches on the market in the past two years. Aside from personal preferences, from the appearance and configuration of the watch alone, the new generation of Seahorse 300 meters, in the public price of 40,000 famous watches, has a huge advantage, firmly occupying the top position in the popularity of Seahorse.

Omega’s new Seahorse AT, including a green side.

However, among the many watches in the Omega Seamaster series, I only prefer the Seahorse AQUA TERRA (according to custom, hereinafter referred to as Seahorse AT). In the omega seahorse, the seahorse AT has no obvious functional attributes from configuration to appearance, is waterproof to 150 meters, can be sporty, can be formalized, and is a “universal” model in the seahorse. I prefer the Seamaster AT because, when I first came into contact with the watch, the Seamaster 300m was still in the previous generation, still using the 2500 caliber, and didn’t even have a ceramic circle. At that time, the Seamaster AT had already taken the lead in replacing the Omega 8 series movement (then 8500), which was the most technically equipped watch of Omega at that time (at that time, many constellations were also in the 2500 caliber period), which impressed me.

Omega’s new Seahorse AT green face

And this time, what I didn’t expect was that Omega put the “green table” out of the Seahorse AT.

Recently, there have been many brands that have produced green watches. Not counting the earliest batch of Rolex, Panerai, just look at the recent Patek Philippe is green 5905, Wanguo is green Portugal, Glashütte original is green 90 calendar moon phases, Blancpain is green 50 fathoms Bathyscaphe and so on. Under the “green” fashion trend, as one of the world’s largest watch brands, Omega naturally cannot be left behind, but what I didn’t expect was that Omega’s green watch was not out of Seahorse 300 meters, Seahorse Ocean Universe, these two fashionable models with colors, but out of the decent Seahorse AT.

Omega put the green plate on the Seahorse AT, which was unexpected.

But looking back, it makes sense that Omega launched the “green table” on the Seahorse AT. Old players know that Seahorse AT has some special models, such as Captain Golden Needle and Green Needle Golf. Among them, on the green needle golf, Omega has begun to use green design. It just so happens that I also have a green needle golf, and as you can see, the second hand, the dial digital scale, and the seamaster of the watch are all green, which is also one of the first watches of Omega to use green. This time, the green disk is out of the Seahorse AT, which is logical.

Omega used green needles and green characters on the previous Seahorse AT Golf.

Now there are many green plate watches on the market, but we will find that the green of each family is different, there are deep and rich, there are light and dark. This time, the green of the Omega Green-faced Seahorse AT is very special, and Omega uses “dark green” and “dark green”. Hold the watch in your hand and look at it head-on, the color is dark, black, and even green “not obvious”. Change the angle, and the green will be noticeable in different lights. The reason why Omega chose this “low-key” green is that I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the Seahorse AT has a formal casual attribute. The “dark green” of the Seahorse AT will not appear so “fried”.

Omega’s new Seahorse AT green side, Omega’s green is more special, biased towards dark green, dark green.

In addition to the latest green disk, the new green face Seamaster AT is the same as the regular version of the Seamaster AT8900. Use Omega’s representative “yacht deck” striped plate. Omega has been using “yacht deck” stripes since 2008. Originally “vertical stripes”, starting with the 2017 new generation Seahorse AT8900, it was changed to “horizontal stripes”. At the same time, a detail is that the “horizontal stripes” of the Seahorse AT8900 are wide and narrow, forming a certain layer, and the effect is further improved. Compared with the AT8500, the calendar window of the new generation AT8900 has been moved to 6 points on the disk surface, and the disk layout is balanced. Also continue to use Omega’s signature “arrow-shaped” hands (minute hands) and three-dimensional triangular hour markers with luminous hands and hour markers. Among them, the “arrow-shaped” hand, Omega has been used on the seahorse, supermaster, and iron master since 1957 (at that time, it was used on the hour hand), which is a major feature of Omega.

Omega’s new Seahorse AT green face is generally the same as the AT8900.

The new Haima AT8900, measuring 41mm, is slightly smaller than the AT8500 (41.5 for the AT8500). The new Seamaster AT8900 is still the shell shape of the Seahorse AT, using the twisted lugs typical of Omega (the lugs have a certain twist angle, polished on the outside and brushed on the inside). The case of the Seahorse AT comes with some “little abalone” shell style. Omega’s new generation AT8900, I feel that the “abalone shell” is more obvious. The transitional shape of the case and lugs is more rounded, while the previous AT8500 appeared more slender.

Omega’s new Seahorse AT green side, in some angles, does not show green.

The new generation of Haima AT, calibre 8900 for the 41 mm model and calibre 8800 for the 38 mm model. This new green-faced Seamaster AT is 41mm and uses the 8900 caliber. Calibre 8900 and 8800 are OMEGA’s workhorse movements today. Calibre 8900 is 29 mm and calibre 8800 is 26 mm. Calibre 8900 is larger and is usually used on larger versions of Omega.

Omega’s new Seamaster AT Green Face, using the 8900 caliber.

Calibre 8900 is a direct descendant of Calibre 8500, characterized by twin clockwork, 60 hours of power, 25,200 oscillations per hour, silicon hairspring, calibre weight-free fine-tuning balance, Supreme Observatory certification, 15,000 gauss anti-magnetism, 0/+5 seconds per day. One difference between the 8900 and 8800 is that the 8900 calibre has a time zone fast-tuning function, while the 8800 calibre has a calendar fast-tuning function, and the two movements have a different functional focus (in addition, the 8800 calibre is a single clockwork). One of the details is that the plywood under the 8900 balance wheel is polished with a pearl pattern and the bottom of the 8800 balance wheel is not sanded. The OMEGA 8 series movement, after so many years of testing, has been recognized by the majority of players, and has formed its own unique decorative style (Arabic style Geneva stripes), achieving a balance of three aspects: accuracy, anti-magnetic durability, polished decoration, and three aspects. Omega 8 series movement, you can buy it with confidence.

Omega 8900 calibre

Omega 8800 caliber

The new green-faced Seahorse AT can still be equipped with steel belts, can be equipped with belts, can be exercised, and can be formally mounted.

Omega’s new generation Seahorse AT, to this day, has been launched in many versions, different disk colors, including this green side. The new generation of Haima AT (including AT8900, AT8800), steel shell, public price is:

Seahorse AT, steel chain, public price 44300.

Seahorse AT, with belt, public price 41800.

Seahorse AT, with tape, list price 42600.

Omega’s new Seahorse AT green face can be equipped with steel chains and belts. Sports, formal wear all.

The price is the same for both the 41 mm 8900 version and the 38 mm 8800 version. Therefore, the 8900 caliber and the 8800 movement do not need to be too entangled, just look at the size (discounts, exchange rates, secondary market and other factors, depending on personal circumstances). Compared with the Seahorse 300-meter diver’s watch, the public price of the Seahorse AT is slightly higher, and the advantage of the Seahorse AT is that in addition to sports, it is more formal and business. COUPLED WITH MY GOOD IMPRESSION OF SEAHORSE ATS IN MY EARLY YEARS, I STILL LIKE AQUA TERRA. (Photo/text Watch Home Yan Pingping)