Choice of mountain bike computer table

Selection of a code table (<

condition to facilitate the collection of riding data. When riding mountain biking, the computer is also one of the most important configurations. It is a true reflection of the ride

Wireless code meter

The wireless code meter eliminates the need for cables, bringing greater convenience to riding. And the work 00 can be enough, and the sensitivity is not enough

MODE81 problem, wireless reception anti-interference ability MODE prominent.

Installation effect display


Professional codesheet

UTER professional model has high brightness, average light source, and soft light, and has a wide impact in the professional fleet, .a lAib

It is cost-effective. Has the number of cars A/B

Optionally, both wheels can be set at the same time.

Waterproof code meter The waterproof code meter has a good waterproof effect, and it is not afraid of rain YT-833 days in case of rain, which is suitable for the needs of riders at different stages.