Stop wearing wide-leg pants! These 4 pairs of pants that are the hottest this year are cool and thin

The summer contest is about to begin, if you want to win thousands of beautiful women on the street,

Be prepared to prevent rollovers!

Take pants, which seem to be light and thin air-conditioned pants, the upper body is directly exposed

Panty marks, butt meat


Zip-up panels, which are at the forefront of trends, will

Stuck meat and crotch

I finally got a good pair of pants,

But the triangle is obviously outrageous

, how embarrassing, you can understand it when you experience it.

If you want to wear thin in summer without embarrassment,

Well-fit pants are important!

Like what

Sports five-point pants with a slimming index max!

Pure and lustful V-shaped pants!

Get the split pants of the legs of the girl group in a second!

And the gradient pants that the trend icon must pick ~

Each one shows its long legs and thin legs,

So hurry up and show me your wallet!

If you want to say that the most difficult point to buy pants, it must be the thighs that do not take care of meat! Like this year’s hot to fried

Cropped pants

, it is

Ultra-loose and does not jam meat, and wears out small bird legs in minutes~

The pear-shaped sisters with thick thighs can also pick!

Five-point pants are mostly all

A-line hem,

It can be ten times thinner than ordinary shorts. Plus

The gap between the crotch and thighs is large enough,

It’s a wide crotch, thick thighs, and that’s right!

Parted, common denim pants, summer wear will inevitably be more stuffy. So I recommend the fabric more comfortable

Suit cropped pants

Cool and thin, kill two birds with one stone~

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the length of the lower pants,

The effect is best when the length is 5~10cm higher than the knee~

Otherwise it will look sloppy.

Students who want to dress more casually to school every day, that is definitely indispensable

Sport cropped pants


In terms of color, I recommend more

The macaron color of vitality,

Yellow leather will not appear black when worn, but also hin vitality! The whole will also have a more summer atmosphere~

Sisters who feel that bright colors can’t hold back,

Gray is an absolute panacea!

No matter what you pair with, the hip will always be online!

Go to school and work every day, and you can go out with a T-shirt at will, which is simple and comfortable and fashionable~

Change into a small suspender and sports vest, revealing a good-looking waistline, which can directly make passers-by faint~

If your legs don’t need to hide meat, but just need to lengthen the awkward leg shape, then I recommend you to try this

V-shaped shorts

, it can

Visually extend the leg line infinitely,

The effect is comparable to the Meitu App!

Compared with ordinary shorts, the V-shaped hollowed out design on the front of the thighs,

It shows off the thinnest part of the leg directly.

The fat on both sides is gone, can the legs not be thin!

If your thighs are more fleshy, then I will push you to wear them even more

Sport V-shaped shorts

, super energetic upper body,

It also shows the curves of the body~

Such a body can definitely make people spray nosebleeds!

And, sisters with pear-shaped bodies wear it,

The fake crotch width will also disappear~

It is definitely one of the god pants that will be popular this summer!

More everyday casual style, in

V-shaped vents on the sides

The small shorts are very good~

The effect of lengthening the legs is also amazing,

Small, calf-thick sisters rush!

Recently, the wind has been relatively strong, it is this

Make a white hemmed style

, with a pair of calf socks, the pure and lustful campus sports taste will be ~

However, when choosing these shorts, keep in mind that

The width of the cuffs must be large enough.

Otherwise, those that are too close will easily jam the flesh, and appear thicker in the thighs and butts.

To be even more special, I’m the first pick

Drawstring model

Small shorts, the feeling of wearing the body will be spicier than the ordinary model!

Its most special point is the design of these two drawstrings ~ the pants on both sides are pulled up,

Visually, the effect of pulling the leg is obvious.

The strap hanging down next to it, it’s okay

Groom the outer thighs,

Don’t hesitate to fake crotch width, get it up quickly~

This fabric is generally more slim, hips, thin waist wear it, the most sexy babe this summer must be you wow!

The little girls showed me! On showing high ability, except

Open pants are truly unbeatable.

lengthening the leg longitudinally,

Blur the real leg length, how long your pants are, how long your legs are!

Only a lost ankle is exposed, and the whole leg can appear to be thin and woody! particularly

Suitable for sisters with wide hips and thick calves,

Hide leg bugs in one second~

However, when you choose this kind of split pants,

Drape, loose fabric

It will be more suitable ~ while modifying the leg shape to show the thin legs, the visual look is also lighter~

Especially this one

Thin denim fabric

, with any piece can be eye-catching! Goose and, the color of washed blue will be more suitable for summer,

It won’t seem too top-heavy~

If you want to quietly make leg essence, it’s very simple, just step on a pair of platform shoes,

Reveal a little upper, and immediately the leg length is one meter eight!

In an area like Guangdong, which is extremely hot, it is slippery and cool

Ice silk fabric

, you guys must pick! It’s as cool as not wearing it~

In addition, the neat suit fabric is also a good choice. Stay cool while

It can also modify various thick legs~

Like this year’s very hot

Check print

, it is worth picking up the geese!

It’s very simple to match, a simple short top, small suspenders,

It is easy to turn the whole scene spicy ~

There are always sisters who complain that they don’t wear anything very fashionable, that one

Gradient pants

, you have to try. The upper body is super thin, not to mention, it can become trendy and spicy in a second!

The design of gradient pants divides the pants into color blocks,

Visually it will make a distinction between our upper body.

So it looks very thin

Don’t think that gradient pants will be difficult to control,

Wear a solid color short top to hold it easily,

Such a body, is a hot girl who will never collide with people!

In addition to contrasting gradient pants, this gradient pants of the same color have also been popular recently.

Especially bright gradients,

Hipster icons must have one!

If you think bright colors are a bit eye-catching, try it

Classic washed blue gradient.

Low-key and thin, you can inadvertently kill a passerby in seconds!

Even Guan Xiaotong, who had an excellent figure, couldn’t resist picking this god pants!

People can remember at a glance, fashionable explosion~

If you want to be more effective,

Don’t forget our secret weapon, platform shoes.

Then kit a simple T-shirt, casual and handsome~


Skinny pants to share

That’s it!


, it can