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It is also versatile to appear tall and thin

Hey girls~

I am Lynn, the substitute editor of today’s shift~ As the temperature rises day by day, I am home to short skirts, short sleeves, and shorts. Skirts have been shared a lot, and it’s time to arrange shorts as well.

Shorts are simply the god of summer, get a cool feeling must! In recent years, there have been many new styles, and the style has changed slightly under the slight change of material and print.

Photo: Simon Miller

Look at the private clothes of female celebrities, and the appearance rate of shorts is super high. The deepest impression is the set of Look that Yang Mi wore when recording “Escape Room”, and the printed cropped pants are very memorable.

Picture: Weibo @ Escape Room Official Weibo

The versatility and fashionability of shorts need not be said, but, many people are afraid to try it for fear of exposing their legs, in fact, as long as you choose the right model, it is not a dream to appear tall and thin

So here’s the problem.

What kind of shorts look tall and thin? Which items are worth buying?

I’ll take you a plate today.


01 | Jean hot pants

# Highest #

Denim hot pants are a classic in shorts, and youth is not easy to make mistakes. The color and design do not need to be exaggerated, the simple fit can be matched with various styles of tops, and it is not afraid of being outdated after wearing it for many years.

Figure: Trendsmap

From the level of thinness, it is recommended that everyone buy

A-line layout

, leave space between the trouser tube and the thigh, visually hiding the flesh. Especially the pear-shaped body, the lower body is on the larger side, if you wear a close-fitting model, you will expose the false crotch width in minutes, and also show the large buttocks.

A-line pants VS fitted fit

Photo: Urban Revivo

From the point of view of apparent height, a high-waisted model is preferred. This does not need to be explained too much, how high the waist line is, how long the legs are.

Secondly, pay more attention to the design of the hem. The most common are tearing edges and asymmetrical designs, remember

Choose a style that is higher than the middle on both sides of the pants

, the front looks V-shaped, which can help lengthen the leg line, and be careful to show the height.

Not to mention the short front and back length, the pants are shortened to show off the long legs to the greatest extent.

Don’t worry about matching it at all, basic T-shirts, casual sweatshirts, temperamental knits… You can do it all! MK bought a pair of white jeans at UR, cool with a short top 💯, and visually optimize the proportions, small people get up~

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02|Bermuda shorts

# Most Hidden Meat #

Bermuda shorts have a long history, and in the summer heat in Bermuda, residents who can’t stand the heat wear long trousers

Cut short

To above the knee

, and so there were Bermuda shorts.

In recent years, retro resurgence, Bermuda shorts can be said to be popular throughout the fashion circle. Last year was especially popular, and major brands have produced Bermuda shorts, or temperament, or spontaneous.


Bermuda shorts have two characteristics, one is the loose shape and the other is the length near the knee. The pants leave enough space to accommodate all body types,

Extra friendly to thick thighs

Pictured: Urago

However, this pants also has bugs while trimming legs and hiding meat. You know, once the shorts are too wide and too long, they will press the height + show strength.

Therefore, when choosing a model, remember to choose a high waist and lengthen the lower body ratio as much as possible.

Do not extend the pants too much


Choose a straight cylinder,

It contrasts the slenderness of the calf, showing that it is thin and appropriate.

Left: “FUDGE”

Right: Miss TB@ Haja

There are many choices in materials, mostly cotton,

White and khaki are quite suitable for summer wear

。 White belongs to the base color, with solid colors, printed items are OK. As for khaki, be sure to try pairing it with earthy pieces, and the tonal palette is guaranteed to get you dressed in a second.

Photo: “FUDGE”; 《GISELE》

Commuter parties might as well give it a try

Suit Bermuda shorts

, very smart casual inside, easy to wear the suit fashionable and not old-fashioned. If you are too lazy to match, choose a suit, say goodbye to the old-fashioned, and become fashionable in the workplace in seconds~

Photo: GISELE;


If you want to be fashionable, you have to mention leather Bermuda shorts. Leather fabric more or less glossy, texture, aura invincible,

The concave shape is a blockbuster

If you’re worried about being too masculine, you can

Choose an ice cream color

, youth and age-reduction; or

Wear it with some temperamental pieces

, such as knitwear, delicate accessories, etc., maiden man balance.












03|Sport shorts

# Most Leisure #

The fashion vane changes all the time, remember this time last year the streets were full of BM style, and this summer has already become popular Athflow.

“Athflow” can be split into Athleisure and Flow, to put it bluntly

A mix of athleisure + commuter pieces

For a casual mix-and-match look, a pair of suitable sports shorts is a good choice.

Image: Grove; 《FUDGE》

Retro lovers prefer running shorts, which are generally available

The length only reaches the base of the thighs

, with the side V-shaped cut, the upper body has a leg pulling effect

Step on retro sneakers and wear a pair of mid-tube socks, American casual style.

Photo: “FUDGE”

Of course, the shorter the pants, the more provocative the figure. For a flattering leg shape, pick up basketball shorts.

The basketball pants fit is invincible and loose, and the length of the pants is as much as possible

Avoid over-the-knees

, wearing it is not only pressing, but also sloppy.

The best way to open is

Wear it with a loose top

, choose sweatshirts and suits in spring and autumn, and wear a boyfriend-style T-shirt in summer, comfortable and energetic!

Figure: @周雨彤微博

Don’t forget the hot cycling pants in the past two years, fashion is real, and revealing the figure is also real. suggestion

Thick-legged bodies avoid on their own

, encountering high saturation, it is simply the scene of a large-scale disaster.

If you really want to wear it, choose a long top, preferably the length of the PP, slightly covering the widest part of the hips.


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💰 ¥108;🔗6AHlxdPXiutpZOAh👈/

💰 ¥59;🔗1👈 micro 1CItXiuz94g micro/









That’s all for sharing in this issue! Although shorts showing their legs will expose certain body shortcomings, it is good to try some popular models occasionally, after all, it is more rare to wear style than to cover the flesh and look thin!

What else would you like to see?

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Photo: Urban Revivo

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