This is what a slightly fat woman in his 60s should wear in autumn, simple and comfortable, and very advanced

When women reach the age of about 60, they may no longer be young, but they have some more charm, and the calmness and calmness precipitated by the years make them more elegant and intellectual, and they are still very beautiful.

60-year-old women, the figure is definitely not as tight and stylish as before, and they are beginning to be a little blessed, so they must also choose to be decent, elegant, and have some sense of high-end.

Today I share the dressing demonstration of several fashion bloggers around 60 years old, simple and fashionable, elegant and intellectual, and high-class, which is the clothing that middle-aged slightly fat women should have in autumn, which is worth learning from.

Loose but not procrastinating

For slightly fat middle-aged women, comfort is more important than fashion, refuse to wear too tight clothes, not only strangle, but also appear cheap, choose a little looser, not only comfortable to wear, others are also comfortable, but not too loose, it seems procrastinating.

Caramel color knitwear, slightly looser, covering the flesh to appear thin and neat, with camel wide-leg pants, casual with a lazy and casual taste, very suitable for daily wear, simple and decent and age-appropriate.

Loose silhouette jeans, feel particularly handsome and generous, look very young, with slim but spacey red cotton T, more neat and capable, with a simple pair of denim wide-leg pants, the overall matching gives people a sense of youthful vitality, not forced to dress tender, but looks very young, while loose but not dragging the match makes people feel very comfortable.

Say no to “grandma’s outfit” and try fashionable dressing

Fashion has nothing to do with age, but with one’s own aesthetic and taste. After the age of 60, we still have to refuse to wear “grandma clothes”, choose simple and elegant fashion items, learn some fashionable ways to wear, and make ourselves fashionable and exquisite.

Army green cotton T, casually put a warm orange knit on the shoulder, so the contrast color matching looks particularly fashionable, but also very age-reducing, with simple jeans, fresh and natural, and youthful.

This year’s layering of magic fire is not exclusive to young people, middle-aged women can also learn it! Layer two simple pieces but double the chic.

Navy blue shirt, simple and generous, layered a white shirt, revealing the collar of the white shirt, so that it does not look verbose, but also increases the sense of layering, and is more fresh, with a pair of white slacks, the whole set gives people a feeling of foreign style and very elegant temperament.

Neutral colors are more suitable for middle-aged women

Some women, after the age of 60, are afraid to wear neutral colors such as black, white and gray, and feel that fancy bright colors will look younger, in fact, color is not easy for us ordinary people to control, and even if they wear “rainbow sugar”, they do not necessarily look young, often giving people a suspicion of forcibly pretending to be tender, and it looks cheap.

Neutral colors are actually more suitable for middle-aged women, black, white, gray, camel, blue, etc., these colors are versatile and advanced, and they are not easy to make mistakes when matched. Black polka-dot shirt with black skirt, the classic black match is not easy to go out of style, and it looks elegant and gentle, not old-fashioned at all, very suitable for slightly fat girls, wearing more thin.

Haze blue is also a very high-grade neutral color, fresh and elegant and exudes a low-key light luxury taste. Haze blue cotton T with the same color long skirt, choose the overall color matching, especially high-end, and visually also cause a sense of extension, look more tall.

The matching of the same color is very suitable for middle-aged women, it is easy to create a sense of premium, choose a classic neutral color, whether it is a daily or formal occasion, you can not go wrong with wearing the same color.

Accessories are also important

When middle-aged women choose to wear, they can appropriately add some accessories, which will make them look younger and more fashionable.

When we travel in early autumn, don’t forget to protect ourselves from the sun, choose a hat and sunglasses that suit you, make yourself look spirited, foreign, not old at all, more fashionable and exquisite.

Shoes are also very important, middle-aged women if they are not used to stiletto heels, you can choose a thick heel pointed toe shoes for themselves, this year’s popular splicing style of pointed shoes, beige and dark gray splicing, feel particularly elegant and advanced, and with any color of clothes there is no pressure, versatile and good-looking, looks particularly foreign, especially temperamental.

It’s autumn, adding a delicate little silk scarf when going out will make the whole set delicate and elegant. White knitwear with black long skirt, slightly monotonous, with a warm gray striped silk scarf, feel immediately flowing and romantic, the overall look more elegant.

Several middle-aged fashion bloggers shared today, their bodies are average, but their outfits are very tasteful, we can learn from their matching skills, maybe it will inspire and help their outfits!

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