CCTV went to Xianyou County to shoot a feature film on Buddha bead bracelet

The reporter learned that a few days ago, the CCTV program team went to Xianyou County to shoot a feature film of Buddha bead hand strings, which will be broadcast on the central two sets of “One Hammer Finale” column at 6:30 p.m. on June 20. At that time, citizens can feel the charm of Xianyou’s traditional mahogany crafts in the traditional festival – Dragon Boat Festival.

On June 3, the CCTV program team came to Pungtou Town and carried out a three-day special shooting of Buddha bead hand strings. During their stay in Pungtou Town, the program team mainly visited the town’s red wood small pieces markets such as Chihe and Can Shan to film the production process, quality identification, market price, and preservation methods of Buddha bead bracelet, so as to further publicize the traditional crafts of Xianyou and promote the classical culture of the mahogany industry.

Yan Wenxing, deputy director of the Xianyou County Development and Reform Bureau, told reporters that the small leaf rosewood and yellow flower pear Buddha bead hand strings produced in the county account for 80% of the national market share, and Xianyou can be said to be the base of the hand string market. As the “Capital of Classical Chinese Furniture”, Xianyou now goes hand in hand with mahogany furniture and small pieces of Buddha beads to build a brand.

It is reported that the central 2 sets of “One Hammer Finale” is a large-scale studio TV program for art investment, with the main form of simulating real art buying and selling, with the purpose of “finding the most discerning art investors” as the column, through the transaction process, the cultural connotation of artworks, investment trends and other related knowledge are transmitted to the audience. (Today’s reporter Cheng Zhiying)