Only know rhubarb boots? 8 tips for men’s boots

Work boots, Martin boots, military boots. How can a man in winter not have a good pair of boots?

Looking at the vast “sea of boots”, from history to leather to shoe shape and even maintenance knowledge, the DNA of each pair of boots is different, resulting in a wide variety of years and results that can be worn.

Today, give you 10 tips to help you buy the right pair of boots.

Suggestion 1: All boots, what is the difference between various classes?

The mainstream men’s boots on the market can basically cover these six categories, Chelsea boots, desert boots, hiking boots, brogue boots, cargo boots, and Oxford boots.

For formal occasions, wear it with dress pants or plain twill pants to choose Chelsea/Oxford boots.

Tough American retro jeans are mostly based on cargo boots, while Desert Oxford and Block are the middle ground between the two, choose according to your own combination.

Hiking shoes are a popular outdoor matching weapon for young people.

Tip 2: Get a general idea of the price tier of boots

Good boots are not cheap, but cheap prices can also buy boots that can be worn for 5 to 10 years, and a general understanding of the price level of boots is the first step, find a brand you can afford, and start at a discount or the right time.

Newcomers can start at the entry-level level, and can buy century-old brands such as Danner, Chippewa, the explosive classic Red wing and Timberland 10061, as well as CAT and discounted Dr. Martin at a thousand yuan price.

Those with a lower budget can consider domestic newcomers, although most of them are mainly replicas, but the price of a few hundred yuan to start professional boot friends will not go wrong, but remember to select the brand.

Suggestion 3: Know the popular models of each brand

Standing on the shoulders of giants to see farther, the classic models of each brand are certified by boot lovers and the market,

Although it is not 100% objective, it can definitely help you avoid many detours.

Tip 4: Buy leather boots as wide as possible and buy big

Work boots and outdoor boots were originally designed for foreign foot shapes, and many boots are divided into wide and narrow versions: for example, the D of the red wing is the normal width, E is the wide version, and the EE is the widest. Similar to Timberland, M is normal and W is wide.

Wearing shoes has never been because of the width and narrowness can choose D, for the feet are a little fat, it is recommended to have a wide choice of width, or choose a size larger, special shoe type, such as red wings such as brands, D-head square toe boots are very narrow, you have to take E head or wider.

Compared with sneakers, although the last of the boots itself will be one size larger, why is it recommended to buy ordinary sizes (that is, one size larger than ordinary shoes)?

Many boots insoles are not removable, not only the feet feel hard, foot sweat will also make the insoles upturned and black, the insole is an irreversible damage, so to use a thick cushioning insole, not only comfortable but also for the protection of boots.

Recommendation 5: The choice of cortex is crucial

The last of the boot is the brand’s housekeeping craft, but the leather is a real and visible cost, and the knowledge of leather is very large, and the variety of styles is also diverse. The tanning methods include vegetable tanning, chrome tanning, mixed tanning, the treatment process is oil immersion (most of the redwing leather), waxing, etc., and the dyeing style will be divided between permeable dyeing and non-translucent dyeing.

Too professional content we do not list in this issue, for some people to master a few of the following key parameters is enough.

1: Thickness

About 1.8-2.5mm. Too thin and easy to collapse, can not hold up, heavy if the comfort is not good.

2: Hardness

The leather of the tooling can be selected to be harder, and the things made of hard leather will not easily go out of shape. At first, it will be a long time to grind, but then it will change pleasantly depending on the dress.

3: Parts

The belly strip (belly skin) structure is the most loose, and the middle near the head is the shoulder and neck skin (double shoulder skin), the buttock dorsal skin has the highest density, and the buttock dorsal skin is the best, but there is no need to pursue it too much, and the wear resistance is almost poor compared to other positions. The tongue can be used with belly strips, which is relatively soft and comfortable.

4: Branding

Many of the leather of boots are provided by professional tanneries, Horween, CFS, SB foot, Sidel, Maryam, ilcea These are good leather manufacturers for workwear, remember to identify.

Tip 6: The craftsmanship of sole making should not be underestimated

The sole of the boot is the basic surface of the resistance to, mainly composed of the inner outsole, midsole, and outsole. There is also a layer of cork between the inner and middle outsoles, as well as the intrigue.

The inner sole basically has leather and cardboard, and boots that directly pass the inner sole with cardboard are not breathable and durable. This is also the reason not to buy FMCG brand boots, they basically just look like boots.

There are a variety of filling options for filling between the inner and middle outsoles, and the cost is divided into from low to high:

1. Foam/EVA cushioning material, mostly used in entry-level, low-end cargo boots.

2. Cork pellets/cork chips, the choice of mainstream cargo boots including redwing.

3. Vegetable tanned leather, mostly used in heavy-duty cargo boots whites boots, Wesco, etc.

The midsole belongs to the transition layer of the filling layer and the large bottom, and some brands will skip it directly, and some will be filled with hard vegetable tanned leather or cheaper EVA foam, plastic fiberboard.

Finally, there is the outsole, the cost is second only to the upper leather component, the common are: EVA foam / crepe rubber (Crepe) / leather sole / rubber outsole.

White-soled boots like the Redwing 875 are essentially a rubber material, which is much denser than the EVA foamed outsole. This is also the reason why Redwing shoes are heavier.

Recommendation 7: Changing the bottom is the guarantee that boots can be worn for 5 to 10 years

High-quality boots, is to always wear, good boots only indurable is the sole, to wear 5-10 years, change the sole is a frequent thing, this part first start from the first pair of boots, according to their own wearing habits, find a professional treasure store to tell it your needs will recommend the right sole.

Recommendation 8: Maintenance

Taking care of boots is also more troublesome, only take good care of it, it can provide you with longer service, the normal process is cleaning, drying, oiling, but the actual operation to combine different leather, implement different care programs.

For example, the skin of Niubago has a natural fluff texture to the touch, characterized by easy to wear old, with a fingernail to pick a print, do not wear long to have an old feeling, although good-looking, but care needs to pay attention, too strong oil will turn black, must be watery oil.

The main thing about suede is to clean up, first brush it with cleaning paste dampened with water, and then use a brush to smooth the bristles, and do not oil.

And glossy is the most common leather, the color becomes darker after wearing for a long time, it is relatively simple to take care of, only need to clean up and oil, like the most people.

More care modalities can be moved to

Leather shoes soaked in water? Cortical aging? Teach you to care for a pair of boots to wear for 5-10 years


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