ONA The Prince Street shoulder photography bag

The MIF camera bag I bought before has been used for a long time, so I have always wanted to change a camera bag

I always use micro-singles, and the camera is carried in my bag every day, so this camera bag is also my daily bag

I thought about Buckingham before, but I still didn’t feel good enough, and then I accidentally saw a bag of the ONA brand, and I was poisoned all of a sudden

But the Brixton or Union Street I watched before felt a little bigger, and I inadvertently searched on JD.com to see if there was a ONA special, and I saw a new model, the size is right, the appearance is good, and there is a handheld strap on the bag (I always feel that the MIF bag I use now can’t be used by hand is very inconvenient), JD.com’s photography accessories 500-100 seem to have lasted for a long time, but the full 2000-100 half a month ago has expired, otherwise it can also be used

Impulsively placed an order, and the next day Jingdong brother delivered it (Taobao’s merchants seem to have a change wallet to send, Jingdong’s does not)

The so-called American Ona, domenica

When you open it, you’ll find the envelope and the shopping bag (this shopping bag is just enough to fit the bag, but what’s the point?). )

Fire paint seal

Included wax

After the envelope was opened, there were several postcards

A brochure, this style is quite good-looking, but JD.com is not for sale

The real body, the right size, looks a little smaller than the one I use now

Vintage hardware

The inner space, the inner tank is not an independent inner tank, the middle space is still very large, the partition can be controlled freely, but the other space is pitiful, there are two bags without a lid in front, there is a layer between the inner tank and the bag, you can put an iPad and the like, there is a layer on the outer back of the bag (magnet to suck), are only able to put something flat

Upper body photo

Handheld mode