A new dress with heels that accentuates a slim figure and long legs

The summer weather is hot, but can not resist the pursuit of beauty by fashion girls, so walking on the street, many girls have long been dressed in short sleeves, short skirts and other clothing, showing arms, long legs, showing a sexy and cute temperament, recognized by passers-by.

But when we pay attention to street beauties, we can’t just look at their bodies and faces. Their clothes are worth learning. After understanding the characteristics of these clothing, girls who are not in good health, have insufficient facial value, and are not well-dressed can also wear delicate curves and amazing charm.

The weather is very hot in summer and the first thing we do is make clothes out of cloth. For example, close-fitting and breathable cotton clothes and lace materials full of watermark holes are in line with the characteristics of summer, and we should also follow this characteristic when wearing them in summer.

But too much exposure does not increase the beauty, but reduces its own charm and gives a vulgar feeling. For example, this slender beauty wears short sleeves and skirts, but does not show her navel like others. Instead, the two pieces of clothing are completely fused and designed with a waist to stretch out the small waist, making the body line more concave and convex, making it appear tall and fresh.

Short-sleeved long skirts can fully show the figure and temperament of beautiful women, but they are not perfect in color. Whether it is the color of the vest or the white of the skirt, it is too calm in color. For that reason, why not use a younger pink? This color has the effect of reducing age, can enhance our temperament, more lively and cute, and girly atmosphere.

However, for the problem of too monotonous colors, beauty has also found a solution. When wrapping the calves, she turns the socks from white to orange, creating a visual contrast with the sneakers and skirt, emphasizing the long legs in the middle section, showing different fashions.

Too many clothes and accessories are troublesome, the load in summer will increase, and the chance of sweating when you can’t see will increase, so just wear a vest, skirt, socks and sneakers that don’t need extra matching, and you can meet the needs of all of us, cool, and it’s a classic way to wear it in summer.

In summer, short sleeves complement each other with short skirts and match them properly. For example, short sleeves and shorts, short sleeves and jeans are all good choices. In addition, appropriately adding the umbilical cord and cave design can take the temperament to a new level, and you may not know if you like these or not.