European and American street style down wearing method, European and American controlled girls paper put away, a very practical one

In autumn and winter, if you want to find a warm fashion, slim body full temperament, show the perfect body of the fashion piece, down jacket must be in it, the medium and long style looks very big, European and American street style, short style highlights the figure, wonderful. As long as you dare to try, you will wear your own style, in a word, domineering side leakage.

European and American street style is always so uninhibited and free, and the feelings transmitted to us through down wear are more direct. Today’s carefully matched several, I believe which set will not disappoint you. A trench coat with a strong European and American atmosphere, a slender body design, and a perfect match of the belt will successfully make you a European and American street girl, with a pair of personality boots, fashionable and sexy. Let’s take a look at the European and American down wearing methods that Xiaobian matches for you!

European and American style casual short down jacket, exquisite embroidery design, baseball uniform collar design, with letter print T-shirt + ripped jeans, casual fashion fan~

【Small editor’s comment】European and American style big fur collar hooded down jacket, fashion embroidery design, slim waist and waist style, with knitwear + slim and plush pants, full of European fan~

【Editor’s comment】Black down jacket full of European and American street style, fashionable fur collar decoration, warm and uplifting, loose and comfortable super versatile style, with slim leather leggings, full of frankness

【Small editor’s comment】European and American style A-line down jacket, loose fit, the upper body is very fanciful, fashionable hooded design, good temperament to wear, with letter print T-shirt + slim fleece leggings, street photography full of fan~

European and American style casual down jacket, very thick style, a winter such down jacket is enough, with letter print T-shirt + plush slim leggings, street photography fan~

European and American style slim big fur collar down jacket, there are two colors, black versatile, blue small fresh! With striped casual sweater + slim leggings, street photography is full of fan~

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