This year, a commuting method is popular, called “suit set wear”, simple and high-grade key is temperament

The workplace belongs to suits, which every professional knows well. Although today’s suit styles have gradually become diversified with the development of fashion, it seems that the most suitable outfit for women in the workplace is still a suit, simple and high-grade without mistakes, and the key is to save time when going out.

This year’s popular commuting method, called “suit wear”, simple and advanced key is temperament, sassy and capable, too suitable for women in the workplace.

To tell the truth, after seeing so many matching suits, it is still the most suitable to wear in a set, elegant and capable, at a glance, it is a woman who has seen the world, and the high-class has a strong aura. So in this issue, Sister Cat will talk about the relevant content of suit wear.

What are the advantages of wearing a suit

In the workplace environment, you are not destined to dress casually, and it is not easy to maintain a sense of seniority in your styling at the same time. Wearing a complete set can bring a full sense of luxury, in line with the rigorous atmosphere of the workplace, and there will be no stage fright when attending larger occasions.

And although the suit is versatile, but in the specific matching also need to consider their own figure, style and other issues, matching needs to spend a certain amount of time and energy, directly choose the same suit is undoubtedly time-saving, simple and error-free.

What are the differences between suit suits?

(1): Pants are more capable

Although the complete suit saves the trouble of matching, the step of selection cannot be omitted. The first question to consider is whether the bottoms in the suit are pants or skirts. Among them, it is more capable, weakens the sense of gender, and highlights the powerful aura of big women.

Pipe pants are simple and not procrastinating, while wide-leg pants are more atmospheric and chic, no matter what type of pants can exude aura. Combined with the effect of the upper and lower integration, full of high-end feeling. It is easy to move around and also relaxes the style of the shoes.

The combination of suits and skirts presents a more feminine look. The clear silhouette of the suit is more tough, and the skirt is synonymous with femininity, and this combination is undoubtedly a combination of rigidity and softness.

Compared with suits, trousers, the modest combination is not so tough and rigid. Inject a soft breath into the rigorous and dull workplace, which makes people’s eyes shine.

(2): Change the color without stereotyping

The most common and most worn suit is black, but to be honest, I choose black every day at work, and it is also a complete set, which is difficult to give people a sense of freshness and is easy to cause a stereotypical effect. Changing colors can bring a more novel effect and avoid stereotypes.

However, in the workplace environment, it is not suitable for too jumpy colors, it is recommended to start with colors with low saturation. Like dark blue, it is different from black’s restrained and internal tone, but it has a different visual experience, calm, deep but not heavy.

You can also start from the fabric, different fabrics present different textures, common suits are mainly smooth and sagging. The velor fabric has a stronger luster and is visually more noticeable than ordinary fabrics.

More importantly, it is faintly shiny, but also enhances the high-end sense of the suit, no matter what color will not look pompous, more mature women’s charm.

(3): Add elements to be more retro

In addition to solid colors, suits will also add various elements to enrich and even personality prints. However, a sense of formality is required in the workplace, and obviously the retro and high-end sense of classic elements is more suitable.

For example, checks and stripes, the use of a large area of the upper and lower parts of the suit, brings a sense of timeless luxury of classic elements, and a bit of British elegance and retro. At the same time, it is richer than solid colors, and it is also a way to enhance fashion.

A combination of suit and underwear

(1): The same set of minimalist style

The suit of the suit generally refers to the suit and bottom, and the requirements for the inner layer are more relaxed. The suit will also have an underwear, and the suit with the bottom and the vest is called the “three-piece” of the suit, showing a more obvious consistency, and the sense of high-class formality will be more obvious.

The suit vest has a low neckline, which can be worn with an inner layer and a shirt for a layered effect, or it can be worn directly alone, and the minimalist style is not wrong.

(2): The white shirt is simple and generous

If it weren’t for the suit’s underwear to be properly free, the most versatile thing would be the white shirt. The simplicity and cleanliness of white has a strong inclusiveness, and you can’t go wrong with any color or design suit.

However, when women wear white shirts, they do not have to choose classic shirts with shirt collars, and they are also prone to stereotypical shapes. Try a V-neck silk shirt to add a touch of softness.

Okay, that’s the end of this issue of the introduction to suit sets, did you get it?

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