A brand that focuses on peanut oil, orchid flowers are so persistent

In the changes of the times, “100 years” is just a white horse gap, but for an enterprise, it reflects a concept and spirit.

In 2015, the ancient oil pressing technique of orchid flowers was listed as Qingdao Intangible Cultural Heritage. In the century-old inheritance, after several generations of ingenuity, the ancient oil pressing technique has been upgraded to today’s ancient six arts.

In the past, we always felt that intangible cultural heritage skills were far away from us, but now, orchid flowers are making it enter the homes of ordinary people.


Since the last century, the global economic development has prompted countless products and brands to carry out several rounds of iteration, and the century-old enterprises that still stand at the forefront of the industry today undoubtedly represent that they have won the trust and respect of the world.

“One hundred years” as a time scale, in the changes of the times, is just a white horse gap, but it reflects the concept and spirit of an enterprise.

The century-old enterprise is a successful work of continuous exploration and practice of several generations, and it is a model worthy of deep reflection and learning by modern people.

However, we have also heard that Chinese manufacturing, which tends to be fast-paced mass production, is gradually being labeled as not long-term, exhaustive.

According to the US “Fortune” magazine, the average life expectancy of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises is only 2.5 years, the average life of group enterprises is only 7-8 years, and about 1 million enterprises fail every year. Not only is the life cycle of an enterprise short, but there are very few enterprises that can become stronger and bigger. The average lifespan of European and American companies is 40 years, and the average lifespan of Japanese companies is 58 years…

In the context of China’s manufacturing industry has been repeatedly questioned, some century-old craftsmanship belonging to China has been carefully inherited and continued to this day, and is eager to promote the changes of China’s manufacturing.

According to the “Qingdao City Chronicle”, at the beginning of the 20th century, in an old oil mill on Fengtian Road (now No. 90 Liaoning Road) in Qingdao, a drop of peanut oil slowly flowed out from a wooden press, and the fragrance fluttered for hundreds of miles.

In 2015, the ancient oil pressing technique of orchid flowers was listed as Qingdao Intangible Cultural Heritage. Orchid flower ancient small peanut oil inheritance of the essence of ancient oil pressing technology, in the hundred years of inheritance, after generations of ingenuity, the ancient oil pressing technique has been upgraded to today’s ancient six arts.

Intangible cultural heritage skills used to be the carrier of China’s material culture, aesthetics and rich life, and in the past it was far away from us, but now brands such as orchid are making it enter the homes of ordinary people.


At present, the overall brand pattern of small packaging edible oil is basically determined, and more personalized, customized and quality products will be easier to become market breakers.

The emerging consumer groups of the post-80s and post-90s generations like to try, and the characteristics of extremely diversified demand and ultimate quality have also promoted high-end oils such as orchid flower ancient small-pressed peanut oil to gradually enter the fast lane of development.

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of residents’ income level, consumers’ consumption demand for catering has been raised from simple “safety and hygiene” to “nutrition, health and deliciousness”.

To a certain extent, this has improved the requirements for upstream food production enterprises, which is conducive to the development of food enterprises with scale advantages, quality advantages and new product development advantages.

Based on the above, Orchid Flower Ancient Method of small peanut oil, adhering to its century-old quality belief, actually reflects its insight and foresight of market trends.

According to the data of this year’s Jingdong 618 Shopping Festival, the turnover of high-end peanut oil brand Orchid increased by 100% year-on-year.

At the beginning of 2019, Orchid was ranked first in the edible oil recommendation index of Chinese customers by the brand authority Chnbrand.

After learning about the intangible cultural heritage history of orchid flower small pressed peanut oil and their efforts to inherit Chinese food culture, they praised that “with the addition of orchid flower ancient small pressed peanut oil, it not only adds fragrance to the dish, but also increases the charm of its ancient method”, and has become the special oil of Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao.

Today, when China’s manufacturing is still lacking in striving for world reputation, orchid flower ancient small squeezed peanut oil has been praised by envoys from Italy, Russia, Greece and other ten countries after tasting!

The many achievements of orchid flower small pressed peanut oil and the enhancement of the international impression of Made in China confirm the statement of Mr. Chen Bo, General Manager of Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Co., Ltd.:

“Consumers were more concerned about price before, and in the past two years, it has clearly felt that consumers’ attention to price is obviously weakening, and their attention to product quality is strengthening, and more consumers are willing to pay a premium for good products and favorite products.”

In addition, Chinese always has a memory connection attributed to the yearning for deliciousness of peanut oil, and the “ancient method, real fragrance” advocated by orchid flowers is to meet the sensory experience of Chinese people while reawakening the public’s emotional experience of traditional taste.


Recently, Orchid flower ancient method of small pressed peanut oil guest Luo Zhenyu’s annual “Friend of Time” New Year’s Eve speech, on the theme of the speech “basic plate” to exchange and discuss.

Mr. Chen Bo, General Manager of Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Co., Ltd., once expressed his understanding of the “basic plate” of Orchid flowers, which means “the fundamental, core, and some points in the product that will not change”.

In his eyes, orchid flowers are made into food, and the two core points that cannot be changed by food are health and deliciousness, and consumers have the greatest demand in these two points. “Not to pursue the yield, but to pursue the extreme, our goal is to make orchid flowers into Hermes in peanut oil, which is the basic plate of orchids.”

Like orchid flowers inheriting ancient oil extraction techniques and making peanut oil, several important points are:

1 Select 20% of high-quality peanuts as raw materials;

2 In the past hundred years, it has insisted on inheriting the ancient oil pressing technique, and upgraded to the current ancient six arts;

3 Small press pressing, production efficiency is not high, only 1/10 efficiency of ordinary large press, but the product quality, flavor retention is very good, the so-called “slow work out of fine work”.

Friedrich von Meshler, the current head of the German bank Mysler with a history of more than 300 years, once said:

“Our ancestral motto is “if you want to be fast, you can’t achieve it”, that is, stability first, speed second. ”

In a word, Mysler breaks the true meaning of the success of those century-old enterprises or brands, that is, do not blindly seek speed, do not float, strive for excellence, and make contributions for a long time.

This is also the brand belief that Orchid has adhered to to this day, and it has also enabled it to be fearless and far-sighted in the wave of market evolution.

Looking for their commonality from countless century-old enterprises from all over the world, that is, only with almost demanding perseverance can we be fortunate to achieve a brand arc spanning a century, which is difficult for anyone to surpass, and it is difficult for anyone to refuse in the future.

Because this is the watchful pursuit of the ultimate good life. This is the wisdom behind the ancient method of orchid flower small peanut oil obsession.