This article takes you through the most popular trench coat categories

If you want to show your demeanor in slightly cold weather, people suddenly think of it

trench coat

, that is, it has always been known as the “trench coat”


The waterproof raincoat (trench coat), which originated in 1850, is now not only practical, but also a must-have modern, lightweight and fashionable item in the wardrobe of urban men.

I think maybe there is no dress as romantic as a trench coat. From South Africa to France, from Casablanca to London, it has remained functional for more than 100 years. You’ll find trench coats from a century ago that are hardly different from those introduced in major brands today.

However, what makes Brother Ting find it strange is that despite the long history of trench coats, boymen wearing trench coats are relatively rare in China (I don’t know how they usually wear them in other countries). Around my life, if a boyman walks on the road in a trench coat, I will feel that he is an old bourgeoisie, compared to those wearing sweatshirts or jackets and baseball uniforms, etc., the manly demeanor and attractiveness displayed by the trench coat is incomparable.

An English Officer and his Trench Coat

I hope you can boldly wear it after reading this article, because the trench coat is a classic costume, which can add an indescribable handsomeness to any outfit, and there is a street photography style when walking~

Street style at Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall 2018

When it comes to trench coats, it’s a cliché, but Burberry’s Heritage collection is the best choice.

What is the Heritage Series?

It is to continue the details of the original Buberry as a military uniform in the design, to put it simply, the trench coats of the Heritage series retain the characteristics of collars, D-rings, military clasps, epaulettes, etc.

Detail of the Burberry Heritage trench coat

Combining Burberry collection-inspired Heritage collections, three new modern silhouettes have been created. First up is The Chelsea fit,

Neat slim

Tailoring, can portray the lines of various perfect body shapes. And there is still enough space inside for the body to stretch flexibly, and cashmere sweaters can also be worn in autumn and winter. This trench coat is available in short and mid-length styles to suit the figure


of people wearing.

The Chelsea — Heritage Trench Coat

Long The Chelsea — Heritage Trench Coat

Then there’s The Kensington version,


Proportional clipping. It is currently the main authentic classic model, and it is also a design with a cinched waist, but it is looser than The Chelsea, and the collar can be turned up to show the Vintage vintage check. It can be seen from the folds at the back band,


Slim fit


Some, the looseness is excessive. Suitable for both work and leisure, it is the most worn style for Asians. somatotype

Slightly fat

It is also suitable for people to wear, both to show the waist and to cover the flesh.

The Kensington — Heritage Trench Coat

Traditional classic trench coats are generally khaki honey coloured

However, when I buy the second and third trench coats later, it is actually dark gray, navy blue and even greenish brown and so on

Other colors

They are more interesting than classic khaki or beige, and in addition to bringing a touch of new tone to the regular work outfit, these dark colors have other benefits – not only can they make the face cleaner, but wearing the simplest white and light gray T-shirts is also easier to contrast the visual effect.

The Best Street Style From Paris Fashion Week

In this regard, Heritage has also introduced five colors: deep army khaki, black, heart gray and midnight black.

For example, the dark army khaki trench coat below, featuring The Westminster’s Westminster fit, is an orthodox trench trench coat, a loose and fat fit between no cinched waist to a slightly cinched waist, casual cut with contrasting Vintage check lining and undercollar for easy creation

British stacking


The Westminster — Heritage Trench Coat

The advantage of The Westminsterb fit is that the overall is looser, can cover the flesh, the body shape is fuller, and people with more belly meat can wear it to modify the defects in the body shape. The raglan sleeve design makes the shoulder space a lot, and it is no problem to put a small suit inside,

Suitable for layering

In addition, people with thick shoulders and backs will also be more comfortable to wear. In addition, this style is only long, and there are no short and medium-length models, which is more suitable

Tall or obese

In addition to the Heritage series trench coats, Burberry also has a strong sense of design in other trench coats. For example, the Burberry Milan Fashion Show for Fall/Winter 2018, the last show of Christopher Bailey, the whole collection is full of nostalgia, 80s retro style and 90s street style mixed together, oversize and blazers, patchwork patterns and checks, raincoats and sportswear, out in a rainbow, as the designer himself said, “It’s a time of chaos, but also a time full of change.” ”

Burberry 2018 A/W Milan Fashion Week


The Gabadian trench coat, with panels on the front and sleeves, reinterprets the classic 1981 Burberry trench coat, and its own special two-tone trench coat is paired with a rainbow striped hat that echoes the theme of the colorful era.

Burberry Tropical Gabardine Trench Coat

In addition, Burberry is launched in the new season

Wear it on both sides

The lightweight Gabadian check trench coat enhances the practicality of the trench coat, with classic stripes on one side for casual daily life and a touch of personality hotspots on the other hand.

Reversible Tropical Gabardine and Check Trench Coa

Trench coats that have always been on the trend, with the exception of Burberry, Alexander McQueen in British men

Elegant modernism

The 2018 Men’s A/W Show as a starting point also featured a trench coat.

2018 Alexander McQueen Men’s A/W

In addition to the classic striped elements, the popular check elements are also used in trench coats. This Alexander McQueen black silk nylon trench coat is decorated in white

Pane print


Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2018 New Collection

In addition, Alexander McQueen’s trench coat with a double lapel neck launched in autumn and winter has increased the angle of the neckline to make it more suitable


Wearing method. It also echoes its autumn and winter “restrained appearance” theme factor, with popular Chinese red inside, which is very good from the inside in



The overall style of the trench coat is also key. With the advent of hybrid looks, men need to clearly show how to shake up these new cuts with

Sportswear or casual everyday wear


ZARA’s new season waterproof shirt collar trench coat

ZARA’s new season waterproof shirt collar hanging trench coat

Whether the trench coat is suitable for matching jackets, suits, etc., for light mature men who do not pursue formal seriousness, trench coats with hoodies, sports jackets or sweatshirts, or even turtlenecks are a good match for “grace”.

Winter knitted hats can also be combined with trench coats

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Street style at Milan Fashion Week Men’s Fall 2018

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2018 New Collection