Good travel companion! Waterproof cycling phone case and stand buying guide

Source: CyclingWeekly by Josh Ross

Whether it’s summoning a cargo when you can’t ride, or showing your health code, no one goes out to ride without a mobile phone these days. To this end, we have specially selected several waterproof mobile phone cases for your reference, I hope you can ride happily and rest assured outside.

RAPHA waterproof storage pouch

Compatible phone models: No limit.

Advantages: beautiful appearance; The price is moderate.

Disadvantages: The surface will be slippery after wet.

Rapha has always been known for its stylish appearance. Waterproof coated and stamped with the Rapha logo on a glossy finish, this pouch features a waterproof zipper that’s sturdy and durable to protect your phone and other important items in all weather conditions. Inside the pouch is a soft compartment that separates your card ID from your phone, and a zippered pocket for important items like coins and keys. You can also use it as a tire change kit, with a spare tube, a tire picker and a gas cylinder, or even a regular-sized multi-tool.

SILCA mobile wallet

Advantages: no need to worry about water ingress; The price is moderate.

Cons: Bulky.

The SILCA mobile wallet is the same height and width as a standard jersey pocket to maximize the space available in the jersey pocket.

The waterproof dry bag structure can effectively prevent the mobile phone from entering the water and moisture. The external dimensions are much larger than the space required for the phone, which can hold the phone, keys and cash, and avoid crushing the phone in the event of a crash.


Advantages: excellent waterproof performance; Feature-rich; The price is moderate.

Disadvantages: Not at all anti-fall.

The Sea To Summit waterproof bag has IPX8 waterproof rating, so it will not get wet even if you ride in the water. Compared with the previous two mobile phone bags, the Sea To Summit waterproof bag can be used without taking out the mobile phone to use the touch screen, and the hole ring design is easy to use.


Compatible phone models: iPhone SE (2nd gen), 8/7, 8/7Plus, 11, 11 pro max, 6/6s, 6/6s Plus, XR, Xs, Xs Max, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, S9/S9+, S8…

Advantages: low-key simplicity; Drop and scratch resistant.

Cons: Expensive.

Lifeproof Fre is designed for extreme use and a playful attitude to life, works on most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, and is perfectly compatible with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. With waterproof, dustproof, snowproof and anti-drop functions, so that users can experience a wonderful life without limits.


Compatible phone models: iPhone XR, Xs Max, 7/8/SE, 7/8 Plus, X/Xs

Advantages: low-key simplicity; Drop and scratch resistant; It does not affect taking pictures.

Cons: Blocks the edges of the screen.

Hitcase Splash is a good waterproof phone case, but unfortunately can only be used with the iPhone, and it is also drop-proof and waterproof. It also has an enlarged shutter button, which is convenient for you to take pictures and send moments anytime, anywhere.

Rock Brothers waterproof car head bag

Pros: Has additional storage space; The price is very cheap.

Cons: No texture at all.

If you need to read the navigation or reply to WeChat during the ride, consider this touchscreen waterproof car first bag from Rock Brothers. Compatible with six-inch screen mobile phones, using Velcro three-point fixed installation, stable and not easy to shake. Unzip the shell and there’s a storage space underneath for power banks or everyday items.

TOPEAK waterproof phone case and stand set

Compatible phone models: iPhone SE (2nd Gen)/8/7, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and other phones with 4.5″ to 6.5″ screens.

Advantages: strong and durable; Elegant appearance.

Cons: None.

TOPEAK’s waterproof phone case and stand turns your phone into a computer so you can read maps, listen to music or do more with your phone while riding.

The case is made of high-quality carbon fiber backplate and engineering plastics, with the safety of the phone during cycling as the first consideration. The specially designed mobile phone holder can be used horizontally or vertically after opening, and the four-way viewing angle can be easily and quickly adjusted with the optional fixed base, and can be used on multiple bicycles.


Quad Lock claims to be the most powerful and lightest mobile phone holder system on the market today. With a variety of mounting options and a large number of accessories to work with, it’s easy to swing your phone sideways or straight while riding.

Precautions for buying a bike phone holder

Hard shell or soft shell?

In general, a phone holder with a hard case is much more expensive than a phone holder with a soft case, but that does not mean that a soft case is useless.

Soft cases are usually compatible with different brands of smartphones and in most cases support touch screens.


Although it may not seem much different at first glance, some products on the market are nothing more than silver-like wax tips. If possible, it’s more convenient to use a touchscreen-enabled waterproof phone case.

Fit on the stem or bowl cover?

Some products can attach the phone to the handlebar cover to avoid insufficient position on the handlebar. But when riding in this way, when you look at your phone, you have to bow your head even more.

Compatible phone models: No limit.

Compatible phone models: No limit.

Compatible phone models: No limit.

Compatible phone models: No limit.