Dark green silk shirt with white cropped pants easily creates a simple professional style and enhances femininity

The dark green silk shirt with white cropped pants makes it easy to create a minimalist professional style, and I like that style. In the picture, the young lady chose a dark green silk mid-sleeved shirt on the upper body, and the design of the collar adopted a small square collar, creating a conservative and simple temperament. The hollow design in the middle of the sleeve shows the two arms loomingly, adding to the uniqueness and design of this shirt, and also enhancing the femininity from the overall temperament and looking more sexy. The mid-sleeve design makes it look a little smarter, exposing part of the arms, and looks more designed than a long-sleeved shirt.

From the choice of fabric, the silk material is used, which looks very high-end when worn on the body. The silk fabric material is soft and shimmers with a faint soft light, and through it you know what is called high-class femininity. Silk fabric itself also carries a kind of nobility, you may not be very interested in it when you are young, but after trying clothes of different fabrics, you will find that the luster of silk is more and more worthy of your charm, you will feel that cotton and linen are more and more not enough to express your temperament, and you will like silk fabrics more and more. In addition, silk drape is better, but also mostly slim tailoring, very thin, wearing silk fabric clothes will look flexible and flowing, more show the body slim and tall, temperament is very outstanding, it brings you a noble temperament that cotton and linen can never reach.

Dark and dark solid color shirts are easy to make people look dull, at this time with light-colored bottoms will be more suitable, one dark and one light, contrast with each other and complement each other in color, very matched. The young lady in the picture chose a pair of white cropped pants on the lower body, with simple and generous colors and style designs, which are very compatible with the simple and generous design style of the shirt on the upper body. The choice of fabric is also made of silk fabric, which is comfortable and breathable, and the slim fit highlights the line of the legs.

The uniqueness of these pants is reflected in the design of the waist, and a thin black lace embellishment is added to the white pants waistband, which looks like a thin belt and plays the role of embellishment, which can be described as “killing two birds with one stone”. This black lace, from the perspective of color matching, increases the overall color layering of the clothes, and is no longer just two monotonous colors. The use of lace not only enhances the three-dimensional sense of clothing design, but also adds a looming hazy beauty to the overall temperament, which is noble and sexy and charming. Such a simple and fashionable professional style will definitely be favored by many beautiful women in the workplace!