The same men’s underwear, which triangle or four corners is the best?

For women, the choice of underwear has a distinction between triangles and four corners, but the vast majority of women in China choose briefs, because many women think that triangle underwear is more comfortable. And for men, this choice may be more entangled, don’t look at the panties is a fig leaf with a big palm, but the triangle panties and four-corner underwear are actually liked by many people, but which of these two underpants is more helpful for men’s health? Which underwear should I choose? Let’s take a look.

Is it better to choose a triangle or a corners for men’s fig leaf?

In fact, there are actually many views on this issue, and many people in life believe that boxers are better than briefs, because briefs are generally tighter, which will lead to poor air permeability in men’s special parts, and it is easy to lead to a stuffy environment, causing a rise in temperature, bringing certain damage, especially for sperm that men care about, it has the characteristics of liking cool and heat, and as the temperature rises will bring some bad effects to it, but will affect male fertility, Therefore, many people feel that the underwear of the four corners is healthier than the underwear of the three sleeps.

But in fact, there is no basis for this statement, and there is no corresponding data for fertility to confirm which is the best, and from a health point of view, the choice of underwear style is not so important, whether it is too tight, is the real cause of the above problems, so as long as you wear more comfortable and suitable underwear, in fact, it is the most beneficial to health.

What kind of panties are most suitable? Generally, there will be the following characteristics

Suitable underwear must meet one of the characteristics, first of all, water absorption, urination is a normal physiological change in men, but sometimes there will be some urine residue on the underwear, and if the underwear water absorption is better, first of all, you can avoid the bad stimulation brought by moisture to the body, but also can avoid some special parts of discomfort, so water absorption is very important for underwear.

And the more important second feature is to have good breathability, we all know that if the environment is more stuffy, it will easily lead to a rise in temperature, which is not conducive to the health of men’s special parts, especially when men move around daily, there will be a certain friction between underwear, there will be temperature generation, if the breathability of underwear is better, it can keep the special parts dry, avoid the occurrence of bacteria, but also beneficial to men’s health, Therefore, breathability is still very important in the choice of underwear.

The last important feature is to have a comfortable material, if the material of the underwear is rough or uncomfortable, not only easy to lead to the aggravation of friction, easy to bring you skin redness, pain occurs, and at the same time for the protection of special parts will also be reduced, bring you uncomfortable feelings, so comfortable materials for the choice of underwear is actually very important.

All in all, if you don’t know what underwear you should choose for the best for the body, it is recommended to choose from the above three aspects, underwear whether it is triangle or four corners actually has little impact, as long as you can wear comfortably, wear healthily, absorbent and breathable are very good, that is the most suitable for you and the healthiest underwear, generally recommended to choose cotton underwear, can meet your needs in this regard.