Korean beauty pen fresh and healing watercolor, millions of fans crazy for it, people beauty painting more beautiful

I heard that people who like watercolor and flowers

All gentle and beautiful

This is not, today when I was visiting INS

I found a treasure lady

Not only the painting style

Fresh and elegant

, the appearance is also comparable to a beautiful star

If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look

What do you think?

A gentle big beauty, Yuki?

It is clear that you can eat by your face, and you can draw well

Her name is:


come from

Seoul, South Korea

Now one

Watercolor painter and watercolor teacher

She likes to share her watercolor works on INS

The fresh and healing painting style is loved by countless people

I usually see too many hyper-realistic watercolors

Aesthetic fatigue is inevitable

Leegeem these

Simple and beautiful

Watercolor flowers

It gives people a bright impulse

Even if it is Xiaobai, you can try to copy it slowly~

You’ll find that Legreeem’s work

The use of color is also very simple, she does not need to add too much color

The picture is close to tiled, but it is very well matched

One flower after another jumped on the paper

It’s like entering a secret garden full of floral fragrances

Legreeem says he has always loved flowers

She believes that the flowers are coming from

Nature’s most elaborate creation

So, use a touch of charming watercolor

They best show their fresh and unpretty

First acquaintance with watercolor

It was when Legreeem was in high school

Because I have loved drawing since I was a child

Her parents also took her to many painting interest classes

But before that, she used it the most

It is the marker as a drawing tool

It is because of this habit

Let Leegeeem have some watercolor works

Will be tiled like a marker

In an art class in high school

Because I forgot to bring drawing tools, I was almost accused by my teacher

Fortunately, the same table lent her the newly purchased watercolor paint

It was also her first exposure to watercolor, which she remembers very much

Leegreeem found, watercolor

It is a very magical pigment

It is fresh and natural, transparent and malleable

Compared to the original marker used

It can draw the texture of the object

Since then, she has experimented with watercolor painting

In order not to delay their studies

At that time, Legreeem chose to paint as a hobby

During the break, you will learn about watercolor

Draw again once in a while and practice your hands

So that time

It was the slowest stage of her progress

After going to college, though, Leegreeem

I studied design

But what she spends the most energy on is painting

She would be busy in the library and studio every day

Sometimes I also pick up many flowers to sketch

Watercolor became almost all of her college life

Leegreeem after graduation

He decisively embarked on the road of art and became an illustrator

Although in the early stage, her works paid attention to few people

But she silently persevered all the way

When I was helping a friend draw a cover image

Head of a well-known advertising agency in South Korea

At a glance, I saw her work

Began a long-term relationship with her

Now Legreeem

Not only the illustration business has stabilized

It has also launched its own web-based courses

Teach watercolor to the little white who wants to learn watercolor

She said she immersed herself in the world of painting

Every day was fulfilling

In addition to these fresh and elegant watercolor flowers

Leegreeem’s pen

Watercolor figures

Very much

Fresh and beautiful


When outlining lines such as the eyes of the character

Leegeem used colored lead

The smudge of watercolor is outlined with colored lead

Make the characters more three-dimensional and vivid~

What do you think? Such a handsome guy and beauty

Are you in love?

In fact, whether it is painting watercolor flowers or figures

You can see Leegreeem’s progress bit by bit

I believe that in the future, she will go further and further on the road of painting~

Painting not only enriches our lives

It can also add infinite fun to life

If you’re like Leegeem too

If you have a dream of drawing, pick up a pen

Draw what you think and love in your heart~