Metaphor for casual airport wear, black suits are outfitted with pleated gradient jeans for a high street chic

Metaphors casual outfits appear at the airport, and high street girls are super cool.

The metaphor wears a XOTIC deep-striped mandarin cap on his head. Mangxing embellished cap, with black, white and gray clothing, comfortable and simple trend.

The metaphor is wearing a black suit with a Wildshadow love belt, interpreting the sense of high street chic.

The lower body is said to be wearing MEOT folded created gradient jeans. a gradient transition jacket with jeans and black and white underneath; The different folded lines make the pants more three-dimensional, tangible, fashionable and atmospheric.

▪️ Hat|Xotic Beam Belt Baseball Cap|@Xotic_gear

▪️ Jacket | WILDSHADOW FAIRYLAND Love Belt Blaze Skirt | @Wildshadow-Fairyland

▪️ Pants|MEOT folded created gradient jeans|@MEOT official

▪️ S-girl platform toes

(Transferred from PlatycodonG_ metaphor of the same @weibo)

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