Then find the charm of Dazu and enjoy the beauty of Xiangguo

When it comes to Chongqing Dazu, many people naturally think of the world-famous Dazu stone carvings, after all, this is the first signboard of Chongqing’s World Heritage Site and the only world cultural heritage in Chongqing. Of course, Dazu not only has Dazu stone carvings, Dazu can be described as many treasures, Longshui Lake, Changzhou Ancient City, Xiangguo Park, Shili Hetang and other beautiful scenery are worth checking in.

On the weekend, I came to the treasure Dazu again, and spent two days looking for the charm of Dazu stone carvings to see the beauty of Tangcheng Xiangguo.

Itinerary planning


: Shili Hetang Lotus Villa – Baoding Mountain Stone Carving Scenic Area – Dazu Stone Carving Cultural and Creative Park in Sanxun Town – Gaosheng Town Four Seasons Aromatic Industrial Park – Beishan Stone Carving Scenic Area (Night Tour)


: Changzhou Ancient City – Haitang Xiangguo – Longshui Lake Scenic Area (Aerial Photography + Boat Tour)

Count the beautiful points one by one, and you have to check in

First stop:

Shili Lotus Tang Lotus Villa

Located in Baoding Town, Dazu District, Chongqing, Shili Hetang Lotus Villa is a leisure tourism resort with lotus flowers as the symbol and lotus culture as the connotation, integrating sightseeing, leisure, food and accommodation.

The injection of classical garden art architecture into lotus culture is a major feature of the scenic spot.

According to the characteristics of the undulating terrain, pavilions, terraces, buildings, pavilions, corridors, bridges, islands and other architectural complexes with a strong classical style were built according to local conditions, and gave poetic names.

Most of these pavilions are built in water. The well-designed lotus pond path, courtyard leaky windows, auspicious patterns, etc. all have lotus elements, coupled with a variety of lotus flowers, forming a kaleidoscopic and distinctive lotus landscape.

The wood carving culture here has a long history, exquisite grinding and carving, and unique style, which makes people marvel at the breadth and depth of Chinese culture.

We went a month early, and in July, summer is when the lotus flowers are in full bloom and the charm of ancient poetry is there.

At that time, you can also drink lotus tea and taste lotus banquets: lotus fish series, lotus leaf powder steamed series, lotus sword series, tea steamed dumplings, lotus leaf noodle blocks, etc., so look forward to it.

Leave Lotus Villa and come to the second stop:

Baoding Mountain Stone Carving Scenic Area

The Baoding Mountain stone carvings were excavated by Zhao Zhifeng, a high-ranking monk of the Southern Song Dynasty, during the period of Chunxi to Chunyou (1174-1252 AD), which lasted more than 70 years. With Big Buddha Bay and Little Buddha Bay as the center, it is divided into more than 10 parts, and it is a large-scale Buddhist tantric ashram with nearly 10,000 statues and complete and distinctive statues and characters.

The statue of Baoding Mountain integrates the basic teachings of Buddhism with the ethics of Chinese Confucianism, the nature of theory and the teachings of Taoism, showing the characteristics of Chinese Song Dynasty Buddhist thought.

Big Buddha Bay is a “U” shaped mountain bay, the statue cliff is about 500 meters long and about 8-25 meters high, the statue is carved on the east, south and north cliff walls, and is numbered as No. 31, thousands of statues do not repeat the theme, and the niches and caves have both doctrinal intrinsic connections and formal interconnections, forming an organic whole.

The religious stories and life philosophies carved here are known to the world, moved with affection, lured with happiness, and threatened with misery. It covers a broad range of social ideas, which makes people save life and makes people never tire of watching it.

Thousand Hands Guanyin is one of the representatives of Dazu stone carvings, a famous ancient stone carving art in China, a model of late Chinese cave statue art, grand scale, exquisite art and rich content, and Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Yungang Grottoes and Longmen Grottoes. The restored Senju Kannon shines again.

Baoding Mountain is one of the holy places of Buddhism, and there is a saying of “upper dynasty Emei” and “lower dynasty treasure peak”, and when you go to taste and observe, you must have a devout heart.

Dazu Stone Carving Museum is currently the largest and most comprehensive professional museum of grottoes in China. It refers to the style of Dazu stone carvings of Tang Dynasty architectural statues in Beishan, reflecting the architectural style of Tang style and Song Yun.

Third stop:

Dazu Stone Carving Cultural and Creative Park

Let’s take a look at the Dazu Stone Carving Cultural and Creative Park derived from Dazu stone carvings.

Dazu Stone Carving Cultural and Creative Park has introduced 143 enterprises (including park-within-a-park enterprises), including urban sculpture, stone carving, wood carving, copper carving, ceramics and various handicraft enterprises, and cultural tourism supporting enterprises.

Stone Culture Industrial Park, Six Craftsmen Cultural and Creative Industries, Yiding Sculpture, Lianshan Art Base, Wood Carving Art Industrial Park, etc. have been accelerated.

Focusing on the goal of “four places, one park and one pole”, Dazu Stone Carving Cultural and Creative Park has made every effort to build the largest sculpture industry base in western China, a distribution center for cultural and creative products with characteristics in western China, a professional market agglomeration in the Chengdu-Chongqing Twin Cities Economic Circle, a cultural and creative tourism destination in western China, and a national-level cultural industry demonstration park to become a new growth pole in Dazu District.

Stop 4:

Four Seasons Aromatic Industrial Park

Then we came to the Four Seasons Aromatic Industrial Park in Gaosheng Town, Xidamen Town, Dazu District, to experience the charm of the rural economy of Longevity Town.

The forest coverage rate is 65.5%. The leading industry is aromatic, and the characteristic industries are bamboo shoots, loquats, citrus, lemons, etc.

It is known as “the fragrant sea of four seasons”, “the hometown of citrus”, “the hometown of bamboo shoots”, “the hometown of loquats” and “the hometown of longevity”.

Why is it the land of longevity? Because the air quality here is good and the negative oxygen ions are high, there was the oldest centenarian in the region 108 years old, and there are currently 5 centenarians, the oldest 105 years old!

After years of screening and cultivation, Four Seasons Xianghai Company has planted more than ten kinds of aromatic plants such as rosemary, Australian tea tree, lavender, Roman chamomile, etc., covering an area of 6,000 acres.

It will be built into a rural tourism place integrating tourism, sightseeing, leisure, photography, physical examination, camping and so on.

Take a deep breath in June, feel the original countryside with the fragrance of the four seasons, and embrace nature, health and natural beauty. Let longevity begin with youth!

Stop 5: Night Tour

Beishan Stone Carving Scenic Area

Returning to the north of Dazu City, it was already evening, and we went to the Beishan Stone Carving at night.

Beishan, called Longgang Mountain in ancient times, is 1.5 kilometers north of Dazucheng District and 545.5 meters above sea level. According to the on-site introduction: the night tour of Beishan stone carvings is made up of multiple projectors, using seamless integration of splicing, bus control and anti-deformation technology, with the help of semi-virtual reality technology, artistic optical repair of the incomplete part of the surface of the Buddha statue, and new dynamic images, giving people a visual impact, cleverly making up for the visual defects of the weathering and fading of the statue, restoring the original full picture, and reproducing the magnificent and charming style of the ancient grotto statue construction.

Beishan stone carvings have a total of nearly 10,000 cliff statues, mainly for secular Buddha to pay for carving, famous niches, such as the Xinshen Car Cave, the dragon “Xinshen Che” in the middle of the cave is particularly wonderful.

Among them, the pure treasure bottle Guanyin, Manjushri, Jade Seal Guanyin, Ruyi Zhu Guanyin, Puxian, Sun Moon Guanyin, Shuzhu Hand Guanyin, etc., are carved symmetrically, rigorous and orderly, and seamlessly integrated.

The eight-body bodhisattva statue, rich and round, elegant and generous, is the essence of this stone carving. There are 51 kinds of Beishan stone carving themes, which were popular at that time

It is mainly a product of the secularization of Buddhism.

Beishan statue is famous for its fine carving, superb craftsmanship, exquisite elegance, and integrates works of the late Tang, the fifth dynasty and the two Song dynasties, showing the different styles and development and evolution of cave art in various periods after the late Tang Dynasty, and is known as the “Tang and Song Dynasty Stone Carving Art Exhibition Hall”.

There are nearly 10,000 Buddha statues in Beishan, especially the Guanyin statues in various postures, showing stone carvings from the late Tang, Five Dynasties and Two Song dynasties, as well as the development of local folk Buddhist beliefs and cave art. The night tour will attract more Chinese and foreign tourists.

Beishan Stone Carving Night Tour visiting hours: 19:00 to 21:00

Good night!

The next day, we went to Song Feng and Song Yun’s first

The ancient city of Changju

(Stop 6)

The architectural style of Guchangzhou restored by the ancient city of Haitang Xiangguo Changzhou can be called original and outstanding.

The pavilions in the city are lined one after another, the cornices and angles are light and staggered, the carved beams and paintings are gorgeous and gorgeous, and the entire ancient neighborhood changes with the terrain, undulating, wide and narrow, staggered and changing, extremely layered and rhythmic.

Mansions, embroidery buildings, theaters, Caishen Temple, inns, tea houses, wine shops, and shops form the most original style of Changzhou Ancient Street.

Various antique activities such as the judgment of the mansion in the ancient city of Changzhou, the opening ceremony, and the street patrol make the Song style and song charm more rich, fully reflecting the sense of passage and interest of the ancient city of Changzhou.

The 12 major attractions of Changzhou Ancient City: Love Ding Three Lives, Drumming Love, Luan and Phoenix Seeking Fate, Time Contract, Life Like a Play, Tangxiang Love, Begonia Smoke and Rain, Sexi Xiaoyue, Wind and Rain True Love, Ashima Garden, Xiangfei Evening Crossing, Bodhi Zen are waiting for you to participate in the experience.

Begonia Xiangguo Park

(Stop 7)

Shen Li of the Song Dynasty wrote in “Begonia Notes”: “Begonia in the world has no fragrance, but Dazu rules the only fragrance of begonias”, so Dazu is also known as “Begonia Fragrant Country”. This is where Xiangguo Park got its name.

Xiangguo Park is located at the confluence of the Seti River and the Hualong River, with the ancient city of Changzhou in the south and Lion Mountain Park in the north. In October 2020, it won the title of “Discover the Beauty of Chongqing, the Most Beautiful Park in Chongqing” of Chongqing, and won the honor of “Discovering the Beauty of Chongqing, Citizen Reputation Award”.

Xiangguo Park is divided into two areas: Miaoshan Lake and Xiangquan Lake: there are structures such as covered bridges, lofts, waterfalls, cultural wall exhibitions, and 11 characteristic functional areas such as Xiangguo Square, People’s Stage, 8 children’s play areas, and light and water shows, and more than 1,200 supporting urban arterial roads and parking spaces.

It is a comprehensive and open urban ecological and cultural park integrating leisure, recreation, recreation and fitness, vacation, sightseeing and other functions.

Xiangguo Park is guided by the urban ecological green heart, displaying a healthy lifestyle, highlighting natural and humanistic landscapes, taking Dazu history and culture and begonia culture as the main line, using landscape elements such as architecture, mountain rocks, water bodies and plants as the carrier, “amusement park” functional service facilities as supporting facilities, and using the “five-dimensional landscape” construction method to reproduce the thousand-year-old begonia fragrant country scenery. It is a new life scenic spot worthy of leisure experience.

The last stop is

Longshui Lake Scenic Area

We take the aerial photography + boat tour method to check in experience.

Longshui Lake is known as the “West Lake of Dazu”, and has now been developed into Longshui Lake International Tourism Resort, with Longshui Lake as the core, and the development area includes Yulongshan National Forest Park and Longshui Lake National Water Conservancy Scenic Area.

Overlooking Longshui Lake, the lake is as clear as a mirror, with vast smoke waves, and 108 green islands dotted among them, with different shapes and stars. Boating on the lake, you can taste the water and sky and return to the beauty of nature.

After looking at it from the air, we decided to go to Longshui Lake and get close to Longshui Lake.

Rafting on Longshui Lake can choose sailing and antique painting excursions to experience Longshui Lake in depth.

The microwave sparkling lake and clear blue sky make people feel leisurely and relaxed. With its beautiful environment, beautiful scenery and complete functions, it is the perfect choice for leisure and vacation in the surrounding area.

As a practice of “Beautiful China”, relying on the profound cultural connotation of Dazu stone carvings of the world cultural heritage and the natural ecological resources of Longshui Lake, Dazu has built a “blessed land for ecology, life and life” and created a “heart-nourishing, health-preserving and elderly care industry”, which has become a specific practice for cluster development of modern service industries and cultivation of growth points of emerging industries.

Longshui Lake Resort also has a hot spring resort hotel and clubhouse, with beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, high quality hot springs, rich mineral content, unique health care functions, and has been rated by experts as the most ideal hot spring in western Chongqing.

Well, after two days of turning around so many places, I feel unfulfilled, and the food of Dazu also makes us appetite and go back and forth for years.

Visit the Dazu stone carvings and love the country of begonias. This is the new way to open the treasure of “Dafeng Dazu”. I believe that tonight I will have a theme dream: dream of returning to Tangcheng and seeing Xiangguo.


By car: about 1 hour and 20 minutes

1. Chongqing main city – Yurong Expressway – Guanglu Expressway – Longshui Interconnection – Yuhua Road – Longshui Lake International Resort

2. Chongqing main city – Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway – Post Pavilion Road – Longshui Lake International Resort

3. Chongqing main city – Yurong Expressway – Dazu East Interconnection – Stone Carved Avenue – Baotang Avenue – Dazu Stone Carved Baoding Mountain View Area